Exempt Donated Labor on Taxes the Same as Cash Contributions

New Orleans   Following all of the discussions on reforming the income tax system isn’t easy, especially since much of the time the people saying they are for reform and closing the loopholes really aren’t and sometimes the people saying they aren’t for reform, really should be.  Confused?  Yes, me too!

I stirred the pot a couple […]

The Company They Keep: Tax Tit Deductions, the Right, & Big Whine Charities

New Orleans    So you might ask in all of the hoopla as the USA went over the fiscal cliff, what happened to the charitable deductions that I have written about several times?

Well, there were some modest changes because some ceilings were place on the value of personal exemptions and itemized deductions for high-income tax filers making […]

Aaron is Right, Aviv is Wrong: The Wealthy Cannot Keep Escaping Taxes

Aaron Dorfman

Quito   A number of the big dog, nonprofit charities trooped over to visit with Congress to try to protect every dime of their tax breaks, especially the blanket deductions that favor the rich and superrich.   They were led by Diane Aviv, the longtime head of Independent Sector, the big nonprofits trade group that […]