Academic Proof Finally that More Diversity Equals More Community

New Orleans     On the streets in lower income and working communities, a generation of community organizers has argued that, everything being equal, our gumbo neighborhoods of mixed and matched families, races, and ethnicities in fact work, and work well, when people are able to organize together and act collectively.   The academic community has not been very [...]

Fighting to Lower the Digital Divide, ACORN Canada Issues Horror Report

Little Rock    What do you do with a bully?   Slap ‘em in the face.  Or, embarrass them.  ACORN Canada did both by celebrating Halloween by issuing a “Horror Report” based on a survey of almost 300 of our members.    Canada, perhaps even more than the US, allows a virtual monopoly with three companies holding the [...]

Microcredit is Still a “Buy a Subsistence Job” Program

Ruth Fremson/The New York TimesGuadalupe Perez, center, took out a loan to expand her party supply store in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Little Rock    There was a long, hopeful report on the supposed growth of microcredit among lower income families in the United States in the New York Times, but no matter how much slipping and [...]

Limited Bandwidth for the Poor is not Just an Internet Issue

New Orleans    The fact that ACORN International has been fighting hammer and tong in Canada and other countries and with Local 100 United Labor Unions in the USA with Comcast, Time-Warner, and Cox to expand internet access to lower income families might have been what led me to notice an article about “bandwidth for the [...]

Millennium Village Projects, Internet Access, and Understanding the Poor

New Orleans    As the gap between rich and poor widens, there is huge confusion from the uppers about what in the world are the lowers thinking and doing.   I read an article the other day about the controversy in South Africa over a young family with two children who moved into a house in [...]

Hey, You! Start Learning the US Federal Poverty Guidelines!

New Orleans  There are two more weeks on the countdown to your chance to finally get health care coverage for you and your family, if you don’t have it, or to potentially get some help in paying for it, if you do have it, and my bet is many of you are still clueless [...]