Tide Turning on Voter ID Suppression

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New Orleans   As long as Republicans realize that their appeal is to a minority segment of the United States population, but fortunately for them, one that votes more steadfastly that Democrats, they will try to erect barriers in the road to voting since we do not have automatic suffrage.  You would think [...]

Subverting Competition in Healthcare May Force Price Controls

New Orleans   There are obvious glitches in the Affordable Care Act that the politicians will handle.

One of them, as I’ve argued before, is going to be extending the deadline for enrollment to escape penalties past March 31, 2014, and that assumes that the government doesn’t waive the penalties entirely for the first year, which will more [...]

Obama Right to Refuse to Negotiate with Himself

New Orleans   For five years whenever I’ve been asked for advice from various national campaigns whether immigration reform or healthcare or living wages or whatever, when it’s come to how to move President Obama, I’ve always argued, don’t lobby, don’t email, don’t tweet, point all the heat you can generate directly at him.  His record [...]

Bloomberg News: ACORN was Target of IRS

New Orleans   The headline in the New Orleans Times-Picayune read, “ACORN, based in N.O., was a target of IRS,” so it caught my eye.  The story to no surprise concerned revelations of recently available unedited documents from the IRS released by Congressman Elijah Cummings from Maryland and others that ACORN and its successor organizations [...]

IRS Mainly Targeted Nonprofits on the Left

Little Rock  According to IRS documents now released to the public, the Republicans and the right have been squealing like stuck pigs about being discriminated against on their applications for a free tax ride without any good reason, because the IRS was an “equal opportunity” discriminator targeting both the left and the right for special [...]

What IRS Scandal?

Little Rock  Increasingly the IRS exempt offices controversy is looking more and more like a tempest at a Tea Party.

            When Dave Johnson, a blogger at the Huffington Post, wrote a lead sentence reminding readers that they needed to remember the ACORN manufactured videos when they read about the IRS so-called scandal, he had [...]