There is a Sell-By Date on Trump’s Shtick

New Orleans     This sounds crazy, but I honestly and truly believe we are coming to the outer limits of the American peoples’ willingness to continue to tolerate Trump’s constant harangues and grievances.  Maybe that’s wrong.  The hardest core of his base loves the harangues and shares the grievances.  Where we are coming to a sell-by date on Trump’s shtick is his constant need to pick risky and petty fights for no rationale reason that endanger us both domestically and internationally.

One thing that almost every organizer learns about people is that they get tired of conflict, whether right or wrong, whether they agree or disagree with the issue or the provocation.  People simple wear out when there is constant bickering and fighting.  After two years, Trump is knocking loudly on that door.  Coupled with the rest of his myriad problems with women, taxes, family conflicts, and endless other real threats, that spells huge trouble for him and his fragile coalition.

For no good reason he has now embroiled himself in a dispute with Chief Justice John Roberts in the conservative’s favorite playground, the Supreme Court.  After two years of studied silence, Roberts was finally forced into having defend the judiciary when Trump attacked a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge as an “Obama judge.”  Roberts, finally standing firm, rebutted that there was no such thing as a Bush or Clinton or Obama or Trump judge, but all judges trying to interpret and uphold the law.  Yes, we could argue with him about some of that, given the way Senate Majority Leader McConnell has tried to pack the courts ideologically, but my point here is simply that no rationale politician, much less the president, would pick a fight with his own Supreme Court, which is one of the few unparalleled accomplishments he can point his followers towards.

Recently he went after a respected Admiral who oversaw the capture of Osama bin Laden, saying he was too slow to get the job done.  He was too much of a ninny to get out in the rain to visit American graves on Armistice Day in Europe.  He has troops babysitting and twiddling their thumbs on the border.  It takes a lot to move the deeply conservative military against him, but somehow, he’s managed it.

Having gone after all the countries in Africa, picked fights with the Korea, Mexico, most of Europe, Canada, his buddies in France until recently, and any number of others, he is now picking a fight with Pakistan as well.  It won’t be long before no one is left.

He sulking around the White House after his beatdown in the midterms, shadow boxing with the world.

This is scary stuff.  Talk to any Trump voter, and you will have trouble hearing much in the way of a full-throated endorsement.  They may like some of his policies and agree with some of his harangues, but they are recoiling from his style, from his Twitter finger, and from the constant conflict.

Mark my words.  If he doesn’t straighten up, the public first, and then the voters, are going to punch his ticket as expired.  They are worn out, just like the rest of us.


Time to Lend a Hand in Mississippi?

New Orleans     The midterm elections in the United States are almost over, but there’s one race still pending.  It’s a longshot, but cries out for people of conscience, regardless of their politics, to take a stand and be counted.  There’s a cry for help, but it’s unclear how many will hear it.

Mississippi to many is a lost cause.  What’s the chance that Mike Espy, an African-American former Congressman from the state and Secretary of Agriculture during the Clinton Administration could be elected in this deep red state facing Cindy Hyde-Smith, the Republican Senator appointed recently to the seat?  He managed to make it to the runoff coming up on Tuesday, November 27th, so that’s something, but most wrote him off.

Maybe he still doesn’t have a chance, but recent polls have him only 5% behind with a week left before the election.  Maybe it shouldn’t matter?

The race has tightened up because of scandalously racist comment made by his opponent at a rally recently.  As the Washington Post describes the situation:

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith stumbled recently when, in praise of a supporter, she spoke of her willingness to sit in the front row of a public hanging if he invited her — words that, in the South, evoked images of lynchings. She has struggled to grapple with the fallout, baffling members of her party and causing even faithful Republicans to consider voting for her opponent, former congressman Mike Espy.

She can’t seem to bring herself to apologize and has spent the time since the remark not making amends, but trying to shore up her support with donors and traditionalists, who are perhaps the people who understood her dog whistle message the best over the threat of an African-American in the US Senate from Mississippi.  President Trump certainly heard it loud and clear and is now going to hold two rallies to support her on the eve of the election.

Maybe it’s time for us to step up and go to Mississippi to stand at the front row condemning her comment?  Maybe we should get ourselves over to Mississippi, not at a Trump rally, but on the doors talking to people about why their votes matter and the importance of opposing attempts to bring back the old Mississippi.

We might not win, but if you remember Doug Jones being elected in Alabama, despite Trump and an army of opponents, then we also know anything is possible.

Win, lose, or draw, I can remember how people crossed the border to help us defeat David Duke in Louisiana, and that was for Edwin Edwards, who was a harder swallow for many that Mike Espy.  Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Alabama are all hugging the borders of Mississippi.  It wouldn’t be a long haul to get on the ground.

Nancy Griffith has a famous song, “Come on Up, Mississippi,” asking the state to rise from the bottom.  Here’s a chance to sing with her, lend a hand up, and provide some push from the grassroots against the racism of the past.