No One is Stopping Banks from Ripping off Soldiers at US Bases

New Orleans    You find some dangerous things going along the side road on the way by Susie’s house, but I’m going to take you there with me to see some scary rip-offs of everyone, but especially soldiers and other members of the armed forces.

There was a report on the top ten financial institutions that make […]

Conservative Institute Scolds Republicans on “Faulty Moral Arithmetic”

New Orleans  You honestly can’t find too many more conservative outfits than the American Enterprise Institute, so when it’s president, Arthur C. Brooks, issues an upbraiding to his fellow Republicans on the op-ed pages of the nation’s premier conservative mouthpiece, The Wall Street Journal, it almost gives a fella hope.  Almost, anyway!   And, when he […]

Wall Street Journal Continues Curious Campaign against Lifeline Telephone for the Poor

New Orleans   Spencer Ante and the Journal continue their curious, and in many ways deceptive, campaign against the FCC’s lifeline telephone program, which allow the poor to have basic access to a telephone for less than $10 a month for emergency messages and a limited number of texts and calls.  The company’s’  providing the service […]

Walmart Workers Strike or Publicity?

Walmart Strike

New Orleans       Some eighty-eight (88) Walmart workers have walked out of 25 odd stores around the country according to the UFCW and its Walmart organizing project director, Dan Schladerman.  The Times, Wall Street Journal, and other parts of the financial press have played the worker action as a strike and as the first […]

Last Gasp Support for Grameen Bank and Microlending?

Muhammad Yunus

New York City   To see George Shultz, a former US Secretary of Labor, Treasury, and State and Madeleine Albright, a former UN Ambassador and US Secretary of State, co-sign an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal as a last gasp move to prevent the Bangladesh Government’s takeover of the path breaking micro-lending […]

Walter Reuther is Alive, Well, and Leading an Auto Workers Union…in Korea!

Union members, left, wearing head bands saying 'Unity Fight,' at negotiations with Hyundai in Ulsan, Korea.

New Orleans   Yes, Walter Reuther, the great, visionary, charismatic, progressive, and disciplined labor leader of the United Auto Workers (UAW) in the United States is alive and well and leading an auto workers union, but his name is Moon […]