Common Clothing Comes to ACORN

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Pittsburgh:  After 35 years it had to happen, first with small steps and now with a big leap, the ACORN Executive Board continued to move forward with great excitement in its endorsement of common clothing to send a message into communities around the world of ACORN that seeing a red shirt with the ACORN logo means something special — organizing is here and power is coming.  Putting its muscle behind this initiative, the board voted to promote the program by first putting these shirts on the backs of all of its organizing staff by voting to send two (2) shirts to each organizer on staff as of July 1st for free to encourage wide adoption of the program.

  Is this controversial or is this just good branding of ACORN and its message?  Are you ready, because here we go!

  Check out the picture as many of the ACORN Executive Committee model the shirts at their meeting on July 2nd at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

Alton Bennett – AHC President, Tamecka Pierce – Florida Chair, Maude Hurd – ACORN President, Maria Polanco – ACORN Vice President, Toni Foulkes – MidWest Regional Rep, and Sharon Kerry – Chief Organizer Assistant.