5,000,000 Say Yes on Wages!

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New Orleans    More than 5 Million voters marched into polls on Election Day and resoundingly voted in favor of minimum wage increases in Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, and Arizona as all four ACORN backed propositions won handily.   The size and scale of the victories should fuel red-hot pressure on the newly elected Congress to significantly – and sizably! – increase the long stagnated federal minimum wage in 2007, as these state measure take full effect.

Last minute polling numbers had worried us in Colorado, but with 87% of the vote in this morning, we were in great shape with a 53-47% margin of victory and more than 700,000 yes votes.  The largest spread over 1.5 million votes was in Missouri where we had lost heartbreakingly close minimum wage measures in the past.  This time we got it right and won by 76-24 with a 3-1 margin of victory.  Ohio, where we had spent huge resources and effort was closer, but more than 2 million voters resoundingly delivered a 56-44 decisive victory in this battleground.   Arizona voters joined with us to send a message about the kind of state they are becoming with a 66-34 victory on a 2-1 margin with more than 700,000 yes votes here as well, narrowly edging Colorado in the vote count.

The latest CNN numbers I could see this morning were not only a big, fat thank you to more than 5,000,000 of our sisters and brothers, but a testimony to the foresight of our leaders, members, and staff who came out of the victory in Florida in 2004 and set the sights of proving this could be done and then made it happen under the leadership of Zach Polett, ACORN’s Political Director. Here is the breakdown:

  Yes 753280 66%
  No 391992 34%
  Yes 712921 53%
  No 638807 47%
  Yes 1666316 76%
  No   494401 24%
  Yes 2060348 56%
  No 1612702 44%