What $1.2 Trillion Buys

Ideas and Issues

Newark Interesting, and disturbing, piece by Times columnist David Leonhardt the other day that I would like to share.
$1.2 Trillion dollars is the cost of the war in Iraq. This breaks down to $200 Billion per year. For the same dollars, Leonhardt points out we could do the following:

  1. Universal health care in U.S =
    $100 Billion per year.

  2. Universal pre-school with 1/2
    days 3 year olds and full-days for 4 year olds = $35 Billion per

  3. Meeting the 9/11 Commission
    Security Recommendations = $10 Billion.

  4. Cancer Research Towards a Cure =
    $6 Billion.

  5. Immunizations for world’s
    children on a half-dozen diseases = $600 Million.

Gee, we can have a disaster in Iraq or we can substantially take a whack at poverty, health, and education in America and disease for children around the world.

How has this become a choice?