Rampaging Rich!

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Los Angeles We knew it was out of control, but the centering of culture and comment around greed allows such roaring voices to seem privileged even when there are no connections to other headgear — like the brain.

David Geffen’s remark to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd says it all for the early days of the 21st century: “I think that America was better served when candidates were chosen in smoke filled rooms.”

Hello! Welcome to fascism Hollywood style!

Couple this with two other things if you will. One is a comment I heard on Saturday from a friend who had been in a meeting with a principal form Blackstone one of the giant private equity houses gobbling up modern commerce. He explained to them that only two things motivated them: greed and fear. Greed for money and fear that someone would stop them! He was meeting with people now because they wanted to sell a recent acquisition in the health field and take out $2 billion in profit, but could not because they were afraid of the outcry.

This at least puts them one degree smarter than KKR and Texas Pacific, robber barons in the same work, who are trying to nail Texas consumers with 40+ Billion in debt on their public utility, and believe that no one should and will be able to say anything about it. They easily bought off the environmentalist by agreeing to not build plants that they will now not have the money to build anyway, but they still want to soak the “biscuit cookers” as Witt Stephens in Arkansas used to call the customers for their greed.

Enough is way more than enough!

Hollywood fascist?