No Gas on May 15th

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Atlanta I got an email yesterday from Paul Satriano, ACORN’s Treasurer based from Minneapolis. He was passing on a message that simply said “Don’t Buy Gas on May 15th!”

I don’t know who is behind it. I doubt if it will do a darned bit of good, heck, people can buy on the 14th or 16th — it’s not like buying gas has gotten to be an everyday thing at this point. Nonetheless, I’m all for it, and I’m spreading the word!

Everywhere I go people are talking about the price of gas. In Chicago driving out to the O’Hare area with the housing team, it came up in conversation when we passed a cut-rate station selling for $2.85. By the time I got home to New Orleans I noticed the price was between $2.79 and $2.85 there as well. Bruce Dorpalen reported prices at $3.25 and north in Philadelphia where he lives.

Where is this going?

I remember the gas crises of the past, and the uproar about the hikes when it happened then. I also remember when there were shortages and lines. I’m also old enough to remember trips with my family in the 50’s when we would pass stations having “price wars” and see figures as low as 19.9 per gallon or 23.9 — prices that would be unbelievable today. But, $3.25, $3.50, $3.75 — those are unbelievable prices as well!

How is this not affecting the economy? Why are we not seeing these hikes morphing into inflation in other prices that depend on delivery and fuel prices? How can a supply chain like Wal-Mart hold together on these numbers?

Hikes at this size would seem to reverberate throughout the economy, but this time people seem resigned and suffering through while oil companies are hitting historic levels of profit.

If there’s no other way to send a message, then why not boycott gas stations on May 15th until something better comes along.

I won’t be there — I hope you will stay away as well.

Will you stay away?