Help on Foreclosures

ACORN Financial Justice Ideas and Issues Personal Writings

Minneapolis     ACORN has been going hammer and tong with subprime companies, mortgage servicers, banks, securitizers, and everyone in between for the last 18 months. We have been Cassandra yelling about the coming doom that everyone denied until finally conceding that 3.5M households are in danger of foreclosures. The Treasury Department and the industry have played patty cake with this problem and real prospects for resolution are stuck in the endless politics of Washington where it is more important to have an edge for the Presidential election than to actually keep American families in their homes.

There is an aspirin for this headache though even if it’s not a real cure yet. Congress appropriated $160M to NeighborWorks to try to at least fast track imperiled families to servicers where they can try to get a modification, and in the cases where we have secured real modification agreements, something can really happen. The ACORN Housing Corporation was given a pledge of almost $8M to jump start these efforts and is working with the entire ACORN field and membership system to flood neighborhoods throughout the country facing this crisis and route these families to the fastest relief.

Quite simply ACORN wants to reach more families through all of the means we have at our disposal than anyone else. We understand the crises, and we know how devastating it can be to lose a home and the chance to put some distance between security and poverty.

If you need help, if you KNOW of anyone (family, friend, neighbor, co-worker, church member, whoever?) that might be worrying with the potential of foreclosure, then tell them to call ACORN at 866-67-ACORN so we can start doing everything necessary to work with them to protect their home.

866-67-ACORN! Keep family homes in the community, not vacant and abandoned houses!