Tax the Rich

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San Juan    Here’s an interesting survey that you don’t see every day.  A lot of people in a lot of countries believe that the rich should be taxed more.  A new Financial Times/Harris Poll of 8,748 adults in eight countries found that more than half of respondents in all countries believed the wealthy should be taxed more.

Japan — 77%
Spain — 65%
Germany — 64%
U.S. — 62%
China — 60%
Italy — 59%
U.K — 56%
France — 51%
    The same folks also noted a contradiction in some of the same countries on the issues of whether or not there was too large a gap between rich and poor, which they called an “envy index.”  Some of this reflected a believe that the national tax system was unfair or that there were other issues around the meritocracy, but who knows.
    Perhaps this goes to the issue of how campaigns are financed as well?  Funny that there could be such solid support for fairer taxation in the USA for example, but we just don’t see it happen.  If so many candidates were not beholding to campaign contributions, you wonder if our tax policies wouldn’t be a lot more equitable?