Fighting to Return

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Washington        Nothing is ever easy in New Orleans, especially coming home again!  Though spared the hurricane largely for the usual reasons (arrogance, incompetence, insensitivity, whatever?), the Mayor and the gang do not seem quite willing to let people come home.

    At one level he is claiming there is a clean-up, but people on the ground still have seen no signs of it.  In fact I’m not sure the cleanup is really finished from Katrina, so please don’t make us wait for years.  He said something about electricity, but that’s a shaky affair for many people since Katrina as well.   We have become a camping lot, I’m afraid.

    The other thing that doesn’t help is the reports from friends and comrades that are easily getting back in.  Helene O’Brien, Reyder Sierra and family reported getting back home last night on a wink and a nod to Jefferson Parish.  They were on email, which means electronic!  

    Reports have an opening at 1201 AM tonight.  I’ll be flying into Jackson and probably in a multi-mile line about that time as well.  Dread.

    We have the practice.  Maybe we could work on the endgame now.