A WOW Win!

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A WOW Win!
November 5, 2008
            New Orleans               We made history yesterday, electing Barak Obama as the 44th President of the United States.  Emails piled in from all over the world:  Kenya, Canada, Philippines, Korea, Argentina, and elsewhere.  They all say congratulations or solidarity or YIPPEEEE in one case.  We did a good thing here.
            Early word is that of 153 million voters, 75% or more may have voted.  My daughter pointed out that she was in line with the voting totals in Argentina where voting is mandatory.  Finally in the long project of increasing the electorate to win such elections, we all may have collectively done something that improved the practice, and therefore the prospects of real democracy in America.
            There will be a lot of time to analyze all of this more deeply as the numbers roll in, but today I am reminded of a joke Chris Rock made on his HBO special.  He was saying that we should either declare today a holiday or be prepared to understand that this is going to be a special, special day to savor.