Muslims of Mumbai Say No

Muslims of Mumbai Say No

                New Orleans      The Muslim community of Mumbai seems to have drawn the line at the recent terrorist attacks in their city and acted to deny burial to the dead terrorists thereby denying them of the ability to achieve martyrdom under the faith.   This is an interesting report from
                Muslim organisations deny burial to slain terrorists
Prachi Wagh, Mayuresh Konnur
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 8:27 AM (Mumbai, Pune)
A grieving Mumbai mourns the dead. At least 195 Indians and foreign
nationals were gunned down in cold blood in a terrorist attack that has
raised controversy and several questions.
 And now questions are being raised over the fate of those nine men who
unleashed the carnage and were gunned by the security forces.
 Muslim organisations in Mumbai have decided that Muslim cemeteries in
Mumbai, where unclaimed bodies are usually buried, will not open its doors
for the last rites of these urban jehadis.
"The killing of innocents is against Islam. They are bringing shame to 25
crore Muslims of India. These men are not Muslims. Why should we give them
place anywhere? There is no place for them in our hearts and in our
cemeteries," said Hamid Abdul Razzak, president, Dawat-e-islami.
Unprecedented events demand an unprecedented response. And this time the
community has gone beyond merely condemning terrorism. It’s shutting its
doors on those who claim to act in their name.
Determined to deny the terrorists the martyrdom they seek, Muslim
organisations have written to senior Mumbai police officials as well. 
"The cemetery should not allow the police to bury the nine dead terrorists
in their premises," said Ibrahim Tai, president, Muslim Council Trust.
As Mumbai reels from last week’s attack, there’s anger, outrage and a lot
of soul searching. Among this is a community determined to keep out the


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