Twitter Tutorial

ACORN International Organizer Training

 Santiago    Katia Soriano, Ercilia Sahores and myself jumped out early to drive to Santo Domingo to meet with the Catholic Relief Service to see what it would take to build a partnership.  We got back mid-afternoon to catch up with a “get to know you” session that the leaders had run along with Judy Duncan and the rest of the staff.  We then plowed into the meeting again to tighten down plans and programs for ACORN International.
    The highlight was a discussion facilitated by Josh Stuart from ACORN Canada on how ACORN International should use Facebook and Twitter.  Our heads were spinning.  
    Bottom line, number 1:    we are becoming fans!  And, if you don’t know what we mean, you will see when we ask you to become fans of ACORN International.  
    Bottom line, number 2:     We are all going on twitter so we can keep up and follow the work of all of the organizers around the globe in a cheap and easy fashion.  Be there or be square!
    Turned out that Twitter is already wildly popular according the organizers in the Dominican Republic, but it also seems that is because the porners are sending web links.  Hmmm.  Someone got there first, but we’re going to catch up.