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fox-news-logo-200x188 This is a blog being written while the Fox News Documentary cameras are hovering literally a couple of feet away.  They are shooting B-roll and coming to the author event at Octavia Books tonight for Citizen Wealth:  Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families.

When I polled friends, family, and readers of the Chief Organizer reports, the verdict was split with about half of the folks recommending frontal lobotomy for my even imagining that this was something that could be survivable, much less a good thing, and the other half recommending I absolutely go forward but keep my guns blazing and sit with my back tightly to the wall.  Who knows?

Today was painless so far.  Footage in the office.  Pictures of Rosa Hines, Louisiana State Director of Local 100 SEIU talking to Mildred Edmond, President of SEIU Local 100.  And, pictures of me tapping away at this blog.

Leaders in the lower 9th were positive about the experience and their chance to speak to the people through the documentary camera about the need to do one heckuva lot more for the rebuilding of New Orleans.

We’re taking baby steps and looking carefully around every corner before we charge forward, but, fingers crossed, we’re hoping the documentary division really is very different at Fox from the wildness that passes for “news” on the rest of the challenge.

Knock on wood!