Barney and Our Total Confusion

ACORN Financial Justice

barneyfrankAustin Ok, I stand down.  I can’t figure out where Barney Frank wants to be counted from day to day.

Seems Fox News touched base with Congressman Frank, and he told them, “no” he would have been part of the dogpile votes against ACORN.  The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund chortled about that and was glad to give the Frank flip flop some ink.

At the same time he continued to say that he and Representative John Conyers (D-MI) believe the ACORN defunding bill was a “bill of attainder” and unconstitutional.  Yet, Barney would have voted for it?  I’m getting lost here!

The Congressional Research outfit that they asked to investigate has now indicated that their preliminary review DOES find that the ACORN slapdown was illegal.

I would have thought Frank would have let well enough alone, but at this point he is confusing me on this matter just as he has on some consumer protection issues around his financial services committee.  I had an associate for years who talked about some people being “blurters,” who would just “blurt out” the first thing that comes to their mind regardless.  Frank may just be a blurter with no filter on non-stop opinions.

I noticed that Citi, Chase, and now Wells Fargo have said that they will dial down the overdraft fees which were past predatory voluntarily.  They can also decide to flipflop and change their mind, just like Frank is doing.  How about some real rules and real protections here, Congressman?

For clarity on all of this perhaps I should only watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.  Several people tweeted me on a piece she did last night that was “just the facts” on the media circus involving ACORN, and watching this morning, I loved that it “made her mad” and that by sticking to the facts and truth she could get it right.

Opinions are too popgun and confusing.  The facts are things we can come to understand.

Here’s the video from Rachel Maddow, last night:

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