How Could a Comcast Lobbyist End Up at FCC?

Ideas and Issues

New Orleans    We had a good, but troubling, meeting with organizers from Houston, Little Rock, Shreveport, New Orleans and elsewhere about how to proceed to lower the digital divide and access lower cost internet services, promised, but not delivered, by Comcast and other companies.   By mid-February we will move forward to either involve the FCC more directly in this matter or file as many FCC complaints around Comcast deceptive advertising as we run into lower income families that have tried, but not been able to access the promised service.

Sadly, our extensive conversation seems to have created even more information about the pattern that really follows Comcast’s pretense at “outreach.”  In effect they seem to have foisted the “sale” of this service off to already strapped and under resourced public school officials and principles by simply handing them pamphlets that redirect desperately strapped families to wend their way through an 800-number call center.  But, I’m finger pointing at the schools.  They should not be in the business of doing sales for Comcast for cry-eye.  How can this possibly be appropriate?!?

Another thing I learned that somehow I had missed before, is that Comcast is not offering any financing for the $150 computer.  Poor families have to have all of the money up front to pay on the barrel head.  I had thought I had clearly read that there were finance plans to make these computers accessible.  WTF?!?  This isn’t a program yet, it’s a promotion and a farce!

Reading through research our allies in Philly sent over, it turned out that one of the FCC members is a former lobbyist at Comcast.  Hope that’s not a problem?!?