The Rigged Scoring on School Testing

ACORN Education Ideas and Issues Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSLittle Rock       If the process of test scoring isn’t a national issue yet, it’s going to be.  Fire fights have erupted in community after community at all levels, because there is no consensus on either the tests or what they measure.   New York City is …

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Bond Issues Along Protests on School Takeovers, Privatization, and Charter Expansion

Citizen Wealth Education Financial Justice

New Orleans  Throughout the country parents, teacher unions, and community groups have been opposing the viral spread of privatization of public school systems and the efforts of charter school operators to expand their footprint in school districts. Perhaps the most controversial maneuvers are the state takeovers of local public school districts by removing duly elected …

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Economy and Growing Senior Populations Factor into Decreased State Higher Ed Funding

Citizen Wealth Education

New Orleans   For many of the blamers and “bootstrappers” who like to lay the growing income and inequality divide on the poor themselves rather than federal and state tax and budget policy, the solution is invariably, “why don’t they go to school.”  The answer is increasingly that crippled public schools are leaving lower income students unprepared …

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