Anti-Immigrant Attacks on CASA de Maryland Way Off Mark

Gustavo Torres, Director of CASA

New Orleans   Reading the playbook, we are currently seeing the rightwing equivalent of a “Hail Mary” pass in their desperate attempt to somehow smear CASA de Maryland, one the largest and most effective state-based immigrant rights advocates in the country.  Although it is no doubt an expensive distraction for CASA, it important to see that this “attack and smear” scenario seems not to be getting any traction with virtually anyone in Maryland or elsewhere.  Thank goodness!

A marginal conservative outfit with the preposterous name of “Accuracy in Media,” first put out a hit piece of allegation, innuendo, and red-baiting, entitled, “CASA de Maryland:  The Illegals’ ACORN.”  I’m not precisely sure, but I don’t think that was NOT meant to be a compliment?   The author of the report was cited as being well known for his previous pieces on things like the Cloward-Piven “conspiracy,” which gives an informed reader a pretty good window to look into this garbage can.

What do they allege CASA has done wrong?  Frankly, reading the screed, it was hard to find a real allegation other than the fact that these folks are organizing a “hater brigade” and a lot of the demons that disturb their sleep they attempt to link to CASA.  Who?  Saul Alinksy, SEIU, Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, CITGO, Cubans, the DREAM Act, commies, and the like, that’s who.   Oh, and of course, they try to bring ACORN into this as much as they can as the bogey man of the rightwing whackos, and, oh yeah, me, based on compelling evidence of mischief like the fact that Gustavo Torres, the outstanding director of CASA, is on the advisory board of the Organizers’ Forum, that I chair, and that (you have to love this!) he is connected to me on Facebook.

The “friends” connections, however, establish this to be Torres. Among them are CASA de Maryland, friendly Maryland legislators and significantly, ACORN founder, Wade Rathke.

Yawn!  And, that’s what seems to have happened to this report in the REAL world.  On the rightwing they had 6000 Facebook “shares,” but in the bright light of day, this was a trial balloon that crashed and burned.

The latest effort in this anti-CASA campaign was to file a voluminous set of allegations (they claim 1500 pages worth of “evidence”) with the Maryland tax people and the Internal Revenue Service attempting to instigate investigations of CASA’s tax exempt status in both jurisdictions.  Good luck with that hater team!  Those are two slow boats going nowhere.  The hardest blows seem to be about whether or not some campaign in Maryland might have listed CASA or Gustavo as endorsers.  But, the whole thing read like a “who is on first, what is on second,” with no one having a real clue and at worst it boiling down to a clerical error.  Regardless, the right needs to figure this out.  If it seemed important enough for a candidate to cite Gustavo and CASA’s support to try to win, then there is political currency with the public that comes from CASA’s love light, which also means that these investigations are going nowhere.

There is a real fear these folks have of CASA though.  They fear it will continue to be successful and in fact become more powerful.

Maryland is a secure base of operations for field-testing a new kind of community organization. In discussing his New Americans Initiative, CASA Director Gustavo Torres recently said:  “My goal is to build 200,000 members in the next five years”… [And to someday] “build a powerful … movement of immigrants and other minorities including the African American community to fight for justice—and they decide what justice means.” (Emphasis added.) CASA wants to become the illegal immigrants’ ACORN.  And Torres has a good teacher: ACORN founder Wade Rathke, with whom he has become fast friends.

I’m rooting for CASA and Gustavo Torres and proud to be associated with both of them.  I hope everyone in Maryland and the DC area where CASA and Torres’ work is known and respected learn something from these textbook ACORN aspersions and allegations, and stand as tall with them as I have been honored to do.

CASA's "radical" connections

16 thoughts on “Anti-Immigrant Attacks on CASA de Maryland Way Off Mark”

  1. Wade:

    Thanks for giving my widely disseminated report further promotion. I am sure it wasn’t worthy of your time, you just expended a few column inches in one of your typical ad hominem screeds because you have nothing better to do. And while some Maryland legislators have no problem violating their oaths of office by promoting a group whose stated goal is to undermine the rule of law, others are paying attention. Maryland taxpayers are supporting this criminality to the tune of $2 billion a year. It may not matter a whit to you, but it matters a great deal to us, and it will be coming to an end.

  2. Wade,  you are a vile person.  We are living the TRUTH about the sanctuary status of Maryland, too many of my construction friends aren’t working due to the “benign” influx of CHEAP Hispanic labor.  Just last week, we got another CONVERT to our movement when my friend’s husband lost his job and his company truck because an Hispanic will work cheaper..that’s what he was told.  SO TAKE YOUR GARBAGE & PEDDLE IT ELSEWHERE.  We know what these people are COSTING the state of Maryland..and your beloved Casa de Maryland is a CRIMINAL enterprise.  Guess what, Wade, lots of people know it..all you gotta do is look at the ASTOUNDING success of the referendum drive to put instate tuition for ILLEGAL aliens on the ballot. People are WAKING UP everyday.  And we are now PUSHING BACK.  So take your garbage and peddle it down in Mexico.  We are FED UP & BROKE. 

  3. They are not IMMIGRANTS……… they are ILLEGAL aliens.  They are NOT citizens………. they are taking MY TAX DOLLARS, while being here illegally, which means my LEGAL children can’t afford to go to school.   They VOTE IN OUR ELECTIONS…………. and they are NOT citizens of this country.  What kind of BS is that?????  Must be nice to enter a country, ILLEGALLY, get free housing, free medical care, free groceries, free lunches at schools, in-state tuition and a whole bunch of other freebies while being here ILLEGALLY……… Sorry bud…….. show’s over.  We’re awake and we’re VOTING.

  4. Wade, you effing criminal supporter:  
    I’m rooting for CASA and Gustavo Torres and proud to be associated with both of them.  I hope everyone in Maryland and the DC area where CASA and Torres’ work is known and respected learn something from these textbook ACORN aspersions and allegations, and stand as tall with them as I have been honored to do.  Why dont you come to Maryland and have a meeting with me and some others who can fully explain to you the Laws you freaking Moron.  I have you brother, and all your corruption and tie in’s to Communist Iran and Venezuela and Cuba and FMLN and Central America, etc.  I hope all Illegal Alien Criminals are sent home with nothing in their pockets.  You and Joe Sandler of the ACLU and George Soros and Ward Churchill Conferences in Venezuela on uprising the communities and how to get Illegal Alien Criminals to vote.  Tell Gustavo “The Fly” for me and Kim Propreack go fly a kite straight out of America.  You bunch of Sell outs.  POS

  5. Come on Wade, whatcha worried about, having a meeting with myself, Jim Simpson, and a couple others, you up for some educating you Communist?

  6. They are nit immigrants, they are fireign nationals who have entered MY country illegally, I for one will fight you by what ever means. Your illegalls are supported by Socialist who need the numbers to push their agenda. My constitution gives me the right to remove you and the politicians that support you. By way of the first amend. or the second you will go.

  7. Wade it appears that you are finally getting some traffic to your website. You are welcome.

  8. Wade,

    Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations.

    Your strategy and tactics are in the open now.

    You are a Willing Accomplice in the destruction of normal-America.

    You reject Jim Simpson’s analysis of your friend’s anti-American front organization. Of course you do.

    Just as your fellow Willing Accomplices rejected and mocked those who saw through the anti-American traitors, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, the Students for a Democratic Society, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and all the other agents and front organizations that strive for destruction of our country.

    Roaches hate sunlight.

    Welcome to the spotlight.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Communists! Right? That is what you and your followers are really! Right? Your mentors slaughtered roughly 100,000,000 innocent men women and children. But that doesnt bother communists (ACCORN & OTHERS) Hitler was a girl scout compared to the disgusting blood thirsty bunch you lead and follow. Your just NAZIS of another kind….And murder is your MO…

  10. Thanks for bringing Jim Simpsons brilliant piece into the forefront. The fact that you are showing your full support of a clearly Marxist unAmerican group such aCASA de MD is just the icing on the cake! You and your MAGGOTY far lefty ilk have infiltrated completely. WE THE PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO GET THE WORD OUT ON YOUR VILE SKUMSUCKING ANTI AMERICAN ACTIVITIES. People are slowly waking up. CASA de MARYLAND will be fully exposed by CITIZEN JOURNALISTS like US. Your pupet will be voted out of the WH along with the far leftist Politicians who do NOT represent hard working honest Americans but who want a mass of uneducated people like illegal aliens and career welfare recipients to be beholden to the ELITE upperclass such as you and your COMRADS LIKGustavo Torres et al. This country was founded by enlightenened and brilliant men and your dream will never come to fruition. Our Founding Fathers taught us to be ready for skum like you Acorn and CASA de Maryland WE WILL USE THE TOOLS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS BEQUETHED TO US. I suggest you hitail it to Venezueala with your BOY HUGO CHAVEZ. We arnt giving up. And we sure as HELL arnt giving in!

  11. EXACACTLY. They are NOT IMMIGRANTS!! Thry are FOREIGN NATIONAL INVADERS. This has all been set up and planned for years by the RATHKE type leftist radicals! WE STILL HAVE OUR CONTITITUTION and WE THE PROPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLYING. You will. All be EXPOSED like the COCK ROACHES that you are!

  12.  “…in Maryland and the DC area where CASA and Torres’ work is known and respected…”  YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!
    In Maryland and the DC area CASA and Torres are NOT respected by any lawful citizens who aren’t on the CASA payroll.  CASA and Torres are reviled as entities should be that actively work to undermine the state and its CITIZENS.  Example:  Actively teaching illegals how to get drivers licenses; actively teaching them how to avoid immigration officials; actively building (at huge taxpayer expense) illegal alien day labor centers out of sight/knowledge of the citizens; purchasing and rennovating a mansion with taxpayer dollars to serve as their illegal alien support headquarters; actively pushing local government to institute hispanic-only health care centers in public schools; actively engaging with Catholic Charities multiple hispanic-only health care clinics so illegal aliens can get convenient and free health care; actively lobbying state legislators to pass in-state tuition for illegal alien offspring so they can get a good taxpayer subsidized college education so they can become illegally employed……and the list goes on and on and on and on…..

    Maryland and DC CITIZENS and lawful immigrants are WELL AWARE of the PROBLEM that CASA and Torres are.  There is also NO respect for the multiple legislators and county officials that CASA and Torres have in their pockets. 

    CASA, a non-profit, is now under investigation for more ILLEGAL activity doing political work that is forbidden under FEDERAL IRS law.

    WHO do you think you are fooling????

  13. Exactly what part of illegal do you not understand?  You stomp all over the rights of legal citizens INCLUDING those Mexicans that filed for citizenship and got their status LEGALLY!  Too many slick tongued lawyers are protecting the guilty and not the innocent.  Read the reports see the stats, stuff like this is killing our economy and then the potus gives out what we put in like it’s candy, illegal’s getting your hard earned money and leaving none to your kids.  Your kids are left with nothing but debt and looking for a job that is already occupied by illegals.  Do we have a problem, yes we’ve sent plants down south of the border to provide jobs and skills and we’re still importing more illegals and exporting more American dollars; YES the largest export is the American dollar.

  14. Bingo!  Casa de Maryland is an advocacy group for illegal aliens, funded with tax dollars.  Tuition at state universities in Maryland have gone up 3% per year over the past couple of years, making it difficult for those of us paying to send OUR children to college, yet Casa de Maryland wants us to underwrite the cost of ILLEGAL ALIENS to attend our state schools?  We already pay for a free K-12 education for them, that is enough of a burden on us. 

  15.  Hater, and Racist, thats what you are.  This has nothing to do with Genocide your moron, this has to do with Criminals that are in MY country Illegally and if they came on to my property where I live, reciprocity, they would have a welcoming committee.  Now, take Wade and your communists suck hound mules, head south, do not re enter, or be shot.  All Border Signs, Enter Illegally and you will be shot. 

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