ACORN Ghost Hunters Smoking Dope on Corporate Trail

ACORN ACORN International Voting Rights

New Orleans  In the typical rightwing kneejerk, the other day all of the bloggers circulated a so-called report with blaring headlines produced in some inexplicable, sloppy way by something called Cause for Action, calling themselves “advocates for government accountability.”  The list was enjoyably ludicrous, but at the same time dangerously chilling. The report called itself …

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Right Wingers Continue to Play “I Spy” to Terrorize Citizen Action

Community Organizing Ideas and Issues

Little Rock   These days it’s pretty clear that if you are going to run an activist nonprofit that might make waves someday and therefore unsettle conservative sailors on their good ship “Lollypop,” you simply have to increase the paranoia training for staff and leaders alike.  The sting and scam model that the scurrilous and unprincipled James …

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