Adios, Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart

New Orleans   Andrew Breitbart’s career speaks loudly to the ongoing American phenomena of the winking carnie barker, P. T. Barnum huckster who always had something to sell and could find the suckers that would buy it.  Breitbart’s passionate mission to destroy “progressive institutions” was clearly stated and there were plenty of rubes in cities large and small ready to fall for whatever tricks he had up his sleeve.  Truth or fiction hardly mattered as long as it drove traffic to his websites, dollars to his pockets, and stirred up a mess, which then drove more traffic.  That was his business and that was all he really cared about.  For him the rest was no regrets and road kill.  He built nothing, since hate, lies, and innuendo were the tools he wielded and they were only useful in trying to destroy.

I’m sorry he’s dead, but the plain truth is that he was already beaten.  The voices he attempted to silence were no longer as loud, but they still were raised for justice, including mine and many others.  Breitbart’s moment coincided with the Tea Party and fell as fast as they ebbed.  He watched and railed while strange things, like the Occupy movement filled up space, and his base became narrower and narrower as his allegations became wilder and more farfetched around the litany of his personal enemies list.   I was proud to have been high on his list, though I bore the buffoon no rancor.  I understood his game, and he played his part well.

His credibility was shot, and even a huckster needs a thin reed of fact to grasp in order to hustle the sale.  His obituary on the Associated Press (AP) wire minced no words in writing of the spurious editing behind the ACORN videos he promoted.  The New York Times was more circumspect because they are still smarting from having swallowed his bait hook-line-and-sinker as leaders of the sucker brigade and the media outfits he abhorred.  His attack on Shirley Sherrod and unconscionable editing of her remarks to the NAACP were harder for any fair minded person of any persuasion to stomach, and was the final coup ending his claim to any credibility.

When obits are reduced to saying that you cared about your family and were loyal to your spouse (“according to friends”), oh, and maybe you didn’t hate gay people, there can’t be any doubt that liberalism is still alive and well and searching for something nice to say.   Amen!

I’m sure he didn’t beat his dog either, and neither will I beat on him now that he’s down.  An early and untimely death is never a cause for any joy for anyone.  There is nothing to celebrate there, and I won’t.

But, Breitbart had already lost where it counted, and where he wanted to be counted, in the larger political and public life of the country.

Adios and vaya con dios!


29 thoughts on “Adios, Andrew Breitbart

  1. Anonymous

    Breitbart realized early on that bigotry and right wing extremism would be money makers on the internet. The karma for him was that he didn’t have a lot of time to spend all that money he made.

  2. Delanoemail

    This is how liberals talk about a man who just died leaving 4 children. Nice article assholes

  3. Anji

    ACORN…the biggest scam, and this article by its head con man is disgusting, because all Rathke knows how to do is suck at the taxpayers teat being aided and abetted by the union thugs.  You marxists can’t handle truth, and you run like hell away from responsibility. You will eat these words one day, and their vile bitterness will not be tasty.

  4. Tom Magrini

    Hmm, do I detect a little jealousy from the “chief organizer?”

    Global Grassroots by Wade Rathke – #4,166,920 on Amazon
    The Battle for the Ninth Ward by Wade Rathke – #3,235,386 on Amazon

    What’s that equate to in sales?  1 copy each?

    Righteous Indignation:  Excuse Me While I Save the World!  by Andrew Breitbart – #6 on Amazon
        #1 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Professionals & Academics > Journalists
        #1 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Social Sciences
        #1 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Politics

    I’d love to compare your website stats too.  That should be just as dramatic.

    Like we did in November 2010, we, the Tea Party, will pour out of our homes, offices, factories, and schools on November 2, 2012 and drive yet another nail into the coffin of you and your ilk.

    What was that again?  Something you wrote about a certain someone’s moment fading?  

  5. Jack Thomas

    As I read your screed, I noted how much you were describing yourself.  For example – “carnie barker, P. T. Barnum huckster who always had something to sell and could find the suckers that would buy it.”  Describes you and the ACORN suckers perfectly.  

    Another – “plenty of rubes in cities large and small ready to fall for whatever tricks he had up his sleeve” – ACORN again.  

    Another – “hardly mattered as long as it drove traffic to his websites, dollars to his pockets, and stirred up a mess.”  Someone whose brother embezzled nearly a million dollars from a New Orleans criminal syndicate (ACORN) should not throw stones at others.

    Another – “He built nothing, since hate, lies, and innuendo were the tools he wielded and they were only useful in trying to destroy,” describes you and your ACORN legacy to a tee.  

    I could go on, but why bother?  Anyone familiar with the criminal operation that was ACORN can plainly see this blog post is more about you and ACORN than it is about Breitbart, the TEA Party, and Breitbart’s websites.  Perhaps I’ll clean it up and post it upon your death.  That is, of course, if anyone remembers you, for your moment has clearly “ebbed” and you are nothing more that a “beaten” “buffoon.”

  6. Anonymous

    Please present some data backing up your comment, “his base became narrower and narrower.”  My experience says the opposite is true.

  7. James Simpson

    Good post, Wade! Let’s see, you pull down over a million dollars a year by capitalizing on your network of fellow Marxists in government and the endless gullibility of foundation supporters, while battling in court to avoid paying your workers MINIMUM WAGE. Yet you are incensed when a group of very concerned people with nothing more than integrity and determination rip the covers off your stinking, rotten, corrupt organization.

    Andrew Breitbart was a true patriot, a man with courage and integrity you would admire were you at all aware of such traits. But instead you take the low road and bring him down to your level by ascribing to him the things that YOU do.

    Andrew blazed a broad trail which many are now following. The only followers you have are the Astroturf “paid volunteers” running Occupy.

    I will add to Tom Magrini’s remarks by observing that the six derogatory comments you have received for your pathetic screed are the most I have seen on any of your posts. And that is only because of the subject: Andrew Breitbart.

  8. BarryZ

    Hey Wade, Andrew Breitbart was YOUR WORST FEAR:  A former liberal who did a complete 180!!!  HA HA, Idiot, the joke’s on you! 

  9. BarryZ

    Hey Wade, there are LOTS of little Breitbarts running around..we are VETTING Obama so that EVERYONE KNOWS WHO IS REALLY IN THE WH….


  10. JnIcholls123

    We know you’re upset Wade….First ACORN, then your friends tweeted penis exposed, now the college tapes…and other Breitbart’s, many of them, exposing CASA de Maryland….You’re proving what an adult temper tantrum looks like…party’s over Wade…..CHECKMATE!!!!

  11. JnIcholls123

    Oh, and one more thing Wade….at least our hero’s are dying from assassination, not humiliation….

  12. Jack Reno

    Wade, if it is not too much trouble can you please perform your patented autofellatio act in private. Nobody really wants to see you mess up your chin like that. Thanks.

  13. Anonymous

    Wade Rathke: A great Comintern dupe. Tried and failed to maintain a
    corrupt organization which used intimidation, fraud, voter fraud & deceit. The
    homeland snickers about your efforts.

    Then, he stole the Communist, Saul Alinsky’s ultimate title: Chief Organizer, and demonstrated a poor example of his hero.

    Saul didn’t like the 60’s radicals. He didn’t like YOU or your pals!

    Corruption breeds corruption. That is ALL you know. You really are a reject.


    I support Sheriff Arpaio and Rush Limbaugh,


    HEY, WADE! I found a pic of you and your FLEEBAGGER friends.

  14. Whoyathinkurfoolin?

    Andrew Breitbart; hero, icon. 
    There is nothing that the wade rat-hkes of the acorn cabal can do to change that.  
    Breitbart will live in history. 
    Rathke will live in infamy.  As it should be.

  15. Gjeanniegr

    You  are as slimy as the pink slime.  All of us on the right will continue to vet our president.  Andrew will always be revered as long as we live.   LONG LIVE aNDREW’S MESSAGE!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    The “ACORN videos were edited” lie won’t magically become true just because you keep repeating it. The raw footage is available and shows that the released videos were accurate.

  17. Jarhead

    Even a pedophile like wade has a blog.  In the end, their can only be one victor, comrade radke. It won’t be you guys. 

  18. Jeffh9020

    Breitbart lost?  On which planet?  Wade, you are a prime example of how pathetic liberalism is.  The only way I found this failing effort was as a result of a link I saw on “The American Thinker”.  I appreciate the number of times you said you wouldn’t attack personally, but your estimation of his “failure” must be based on your estimation of your own “success” and that of your fellow inmates.  Here is just one truth for you:  you cannot point to a single liberal achievement that has resulted in long term success.  Eventually, every liberal action results in failure because liberalism is based on failure.  Why in the world do you still ascribe to it?  How can you not see how stupid you look with this kind of babbling tripe?

  19. Jeffh9020

     Excellent response, James.  In fact, it was your article that contained the link I referred to.  Well done, and I’ll be watching for your stuff in the future.  My thanks for your work.

  20. Anonymous

    I had some dealings with your Acorn organization some years ago–innocent dealings. I went there because somebody told me that I could get help and counseling in obtaining a mortgage as one of limited means and salary. I paid to join the organization, and found out that the counselor would show up an hour and a half late for our appointment. It was no emergency or mistake–it became clear she was hoping I would give up and go away.

    It also became clearer and clearer that as a white male, I was not who Acorn wanted to help. They went through the perfunctory things, showed me my credit report, told me to go to some banks on their list, and that was that.

    I was made to feel so uncomfortable and unwelcome. It obviously had gone unwittingly to what was obviously a racist organization.  Of course, I paid out good, hard-earned money for a membership, and the whole thing was a scam when it came to helping anyone who was not one of the targeted minority beneficiaries.

    You have some nerve to talk. 

  21. Anonymous

    What delusional nonsense.

    Perhaps you should share the honor, with Biden, of having an automobile named after you…

    The Chevy Dolt…


    Waltzin Matilda

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