Labor Missing From Our Day

Labor Organizing National Politics
"We Built it" slogan at the RNC

New Orleans  Maybe I’m still in post-hurricane mode, so have lost my perspective, but for the life of me the Romney/Republican “We Built It” line seems the coup de grace of labor and our unions’ demise.  Now “capital” in the face of Romney and the outrageousness of something like Bain, can not only claim they “built it” referring to our country, but even worse, they seem to be able to get away with this direct  insult and full on hard face slap.  If there was ever anything that so clearly stood for the current weakness of unions this has to be it.

To add injury to insult after the exhilaration earlier this year around the progressive articulation of inequity and the banner of the 99% that was taken up worldwide, we now have the 1% not only brushing aside the inequity, but claiming that we owe all of our jobs and much of what is good in America not to our collective enterprise, blood, sweat, and tears, but to them.  Outrageous!

It’s the “big lie” on parade today.

Labor Day 1882 NYC