Texas Congressman Figures it Out: Sequestration Means Money for ACORN-like Groups!

Little Rock   This whole standoff at the Pennsylvania Avenue Corral in Washington is damned hard to puzzle out, but thanks to Tyler, Texas Republican Congressman Louis Gohmert, we finally have the clues that we need.  It turns out that it is a cunningly brilliant conspiracy by President Obama hatched a year ago to funnel money AWAY from defense and over to ACORN-like community groups.  What a relief to finally understand this mess!

Too crazy to be true?  That’s what you think?

Thanks to Eric Dolan of www.rawstory.com for unearthing this gold.

“We hear today the President is now saying on Friday after the sequestrations have started and the military is having all these massive layoffs — and actually the truth be known, after the President will have gotten what he’s been hoping and trying to get for years even as a U.S. senator and that is big cuts to the Defense Department — after the Defense Department cuts kick in then and only then is he going to sit down and talk to congressional leaders,” he said.

“We’ll that’s not hard to figure out,” Gohmert continued. “What a great political ploy. What a great political plan to a year and a half ago come up with the idea, which the White House did, they came up with the idea of this massive sequester, and the biggest loser would be the Defense Department.”

“And then after he gets the cuts to defense that he has been pushing for for years and years, going back to his days as a U.S. senator, he gets to come forward and spend millions and millions of dollars running around on Air Force One condemning Republicans in the House for cutting defense. What a great thing. He cuts defense, which he has been wanting to do for years, forces Republicans to go along with it, and a year and a half later blames Republicans for cutting defense and says, ‘I wouldn’t have done that, but now that defense is cut, now lets talk about restoring some of that money to the ACORN-like groups out there that are going to suffer because they are not going to have money to spend on electing Democrats in the next election if we don’t return the sequester money.’”

The sequester, part of a political deal to raise the federal debt ceiling in 2011, would cut defense spending by about $55 billion. Non-defense spending would also be cut by $27 billion.



FCC’s Connect2Compete Disconnected at Cox Cable & Payday Embarrasses Chase

New Orleans    Remember the poor…low and moderate income families who will always be with us?  Well, more evidence keeps piling up that when it comes to internet access and a lifeline to the 21st Century, the “volunteer” efforts by the big cable companies are continuing to make the FCC’s claims of lowering the digital divide a tragic joke.

I listened to calls yesterday made by an eligible mother with school age children to Cox Cable.  Cox along with Times-Warner and several other companies supposedly after claiming in late 2011 that they were going to following the flawed promises of the Comcast settlement to provide less than $10 per month internet and a $150 computer, joined the new FCC organized Connect2compete effort to finally implement the program in the fall of 2012.  The Connect2Compete program like much of Comcast’s program has been something of a stealth campaign, but we continue to be committed to seeing if low income families can finally access lower cost internet.

This woman having heard about the program from Local 100, called Cox Cable in New Orleans on the only available number.  Cox had no idea what she was talking about?  Low priced cable?  No way!  Connect2compete?  Huh?  Then she was transferred to a technical person when she persisted in asking how to apply.  The technical person had the same responses which all added up to “no clue.”  The technical person finally transferred her to a Cox manager who after several minutes of hearing the woman describe what she had heard about the program finally replied, “oh, yeah, we tried that program with a couple of schools in the fall, but the program was terminated in January, is there anything else I can help you with?”  That’s it.  Nada!

An earlier member had also called Cox Cable in New Orleans and been told there was no such program but that she would be called back.  Miracles never cease, and she was called back and told to call another number with Connect2compete.  When she called that number, she was not able to get through on her zip code to the automatic system.  The zip code was for the famous 9th ward.  When she called again and entered another zip code, she could get no farther into the system because you had to have an authorization code passed out by one of few schools that were engaged by Cox in the program, I presume.   It hardly matters, since she was stopped there.

Whatever this connect2compete is, it is categorically NOT a program to extend internet access to the poor.  The FCC and their cable company comrades should be shamefaced at the cynicism of these efforts.

Perhaps being publicly shamed by your own con games even works every once in a while!  Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, in a rare retreat from his usual “damn the torpedoes” arrogance, reportedly admitted that their ripping off Chase customers for thousands of dollars as the collectors for payday lending companies was even past the pale for Chase.  He swears that he is going to fix the problem.  I’m not sure which problem he’s going to fix.  The one where Chase is collecting money from their customers in one the states where payday lending is banned or the one where they are allowing their buddies to hit an account with collections multiple times and run up thousands of dollars of overdraft charges to Chase’s own benefit rather than their own.  Let’s hope it’s both, but when it comes to banking and shame, there’s really only so much we can count on.