Fight against Obamacare Getting Nasty

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fake flyer now being given out as real
fake flyer now being given out as real

New Orleans  There are multiple levels of the withering attack being made against the Affordable Care Act and any and all who have supported the measure.

            Of course the Koch Brothers are all up in it and spending heavily as part of an early and unmatched $20 million ad buy that we are seeing all over Louisiana, Arkansas, and reportedly is blanketing North Carolina, Alaska, and New Hampshire with thousands of TV spots attacking Senators up for election who voted for the original bill.  The heart of this attack continues to be on the flank that President Obama opened up by never explaining that his pledge to keep plans intact did not include the unconscionable rip-off plans sold by so many companies. 

 As slimy as this attack is, the rightwing grassroots efforts are even more pernicious as Local 100 discovered while visiting with some of our Houston school worker members this week about issues on their jobs and whether or not they had enrolled yet in Obamacare.  Our members shared a flyer with us that had been passed out at a number of the schools purporting to be an informational leaflet on the “Obamacare RFID” public education program.

            What?  You aren’t familiar with the RFID program?  Well, welcome to our world, brothers and sisters!

            RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and the rightwing rap is that Obamacare requires implantation of these devices in school children.  The leaflet includes the rightwing reference code to Revelations Chapter 13, verses 16-18, which in those circles needs no further explanation, but if you are reading this in some large eastern city or another country, you may not automatically know, as we have had to learn, that this piece of the Bible refers to the famous “mark of the beast.”  Get it now? RFID implantation in children equals “mark of the beast,” means run from Obamacare as if not only your life, but also your very soul depends on it.

            The leaflet purports to have an animated Obama Administration character called “Chippie the RFID” who is running around the country to various haunts and hollers in the backwoods of Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, and of course Nebraska, Wyoming, and the like.  This character will show up in schools, give out coloring books and baloney, and, hey, the point of this fictional flyer, circulated throughout Houston schools and who knows how many other venues, is that parents need to beware, it’s “coming to a school near you.

            Media attacks on the airwaves, obstacles from Republican governors in Texas, Louisiana, and so many other states at every turn, and wild, crazy, irresponsible, religion-tinted, inflammatory pieces like this are all about deflating healthcare enrollments for sure, but also about dangerously disturbing and widening the very foundations of American political debate and democracy in a totally unprincipled power grab.

            Trust me, that political coup based on fiction and lies, is definitely coming to a voting booth near you!