Where’s the Health and Safety Plan?

Labor Organizing Organizing

New Orleans      Leaders and members of Local 100 United Labor Unions finally had enough of working on the frontlines without proper protection against the coronavirus in nursing homes, supported living centers, human development centers, transportation, sanitation, cleaning, schools, head start centers, and public-facing offices.  OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, requires every workplace …

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Masks and Food for the People

ACORN ACORN International

Pearl River     ACORN and its affiliates are direct action, mass-based organizations.  Some now ask, how do we explain the fact that we also, especially now, deliver what many would only expect of service-based outfits?   Easy answer: a membership-based organization has to be able to respond to the membership.  When the membership is in crisis, so …

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Mask Marauders

Ideas and Issues

Pearl River     What’s the issue with masks?  We see them everywhere and nowhere. United States Vice-President Pence toured a nursing home while in Indiana.  They see a box of KN95 masks.  Hey, here’s a good photo op, say he and his team.  Let’s have the Veep look like he’s delivering masks to the nursing home, …

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From Street Demos to Solidarity Work

ACORN ACORN International Community Organizing Health Care Labor Organizing

Pearl River     What do mass-based organizations and social movements do when their tactics of mass action, disruption, and street protests are impossible due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing?  Do collective actions simply devolve into solitary moans on social media?  No, never!  Mass-based organizations assemble the base into action in another way to serve their …

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