Tired of Trump Already

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Trump Overload

New Orleans   Broadcasters, like CNN and others, report record profits this year because audiences were eating up news of Trump like it was candy. Some newspapers and magazines are reporting surges of subscribers as readers struggle to keep up with the shenanigans and machinations of Trump transition and the world to come. The volume of news and views on social media on the back and forth of Trump world are climbing. I thought media personalities, like Trump, thought seriously about things like over-exposure? I have to admit, I’m already just plain tired of Trump, and he hasn’t even moved into Pennsylvania Avenue yet.

It’s all just too, too much. And, it’s not just him, it’s the whole family. Geez!

People bidding $60,000 to charities for coffee with daughter, Ivanka. Listening to the radio on my way home the other night, I heard about some kind of a guns-and-gold fundraiser ostensibly for conservation causes that featured hunting and fishing with Donald, Jr. or Eric for days on end if you ponied up a half-million or a full million. Both events were canceled with the usual, uh-ohs, but here in the no-boundary land we’re entering, there’s simply no moral compass that seems to help this tribe avoid a mess and force the rest of us to have to endure wallowing through it with them.

Much of it is like that, just plain silly.

One day we have to read that Trump and his entourage may stay at his new Trump hotel in Washington, DC before he moves into the White House and paints all of the rooms gold. Later, his people finally say, no, he’ll stay at Blair House like all of the rest of them did when they started moving to town.

Hey, it’s Saturday Night Live!

We have to hear whether he likes the way Alec Baldwin satirizes him on “Saturday Night Live” with a tangerine wig and “puffs” in his speech and a lumbering walk. Trump tweets about this of course. He’s unhappy. He says it’s “sad.”

Really, are we supposed to care?

I’m so sick of reading about Trump that I’ve started to think it’s strategic. He’s deliberately trying to wear all of us down, well he’s worn me out. I’m becoming paranoid. I think he wants us to finally say, “Enough!,” and throw the papers down and turn off the radio and television, so he can do whatever he damned well pleases, however he pleases. He wants to bore us to the point that we just let all of this little stuff go.

He wants us to skip over the constant concerns about ethics, his children, his business high-jinks, and everything else. He wants us to enter a personal triaging of sorts, where we classify this all as small fry, and just concentrate on whether or not he gives the country away to Russia or goes to war with China, heats up the planet, deports millions, sells branding rights to the White House and Air Force One, and, you know, ends democracy and America as we know it.

This is going to be a very long four years, and I have to admit, I’m already burned out on Trump, and the clock hasn’t even started ticking off the time yet.