Hillary for President is Fake News

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New Orleans    Just when Halloween was over, we have to live through another ghost story.  As a distraction, some publicity hounds are drooling over speculation that Hillary Clinton could run for President in 2020, and even more improbably, would win the nomination.  This is what happens when too many people start watching movie and television shows about zombies, because if this were anything other than fake news, this would be the zombie campaign of all time.

A cartoon ran in my local paper.  In the top left of the panel was a newspaper with the headline, “Will Hillary Run Again?”  A lamp and chair were turned over.  So was an end table.  There was an outline of a donkey that had jumped through the wall in horror.  The cartoonist, Walt Handelsman with The Advocate, had perfectly captured the screaming madness of such a candidacy.

Frankly, it’s an insult to Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.  They know how to count.  Bill Clinton was invisible on the campaign trail for the midterms, except for some private fundraisers for people like Mike Espy, a former Congressman and Secretary of Agriculture in his administration, who is now in a runoff for US Senate in Mississippi.  Hillary Clinton was also virtually nowhere to be seen.  Donna Shalala, the Clinton’s former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services and more recently a college president, upset a Republican congressman from the Miami area with 52% of the vote, and now finds herself part of the incoming congressional delegation.  Certainly, the Clintons were around that campaign, as they undoubtedly should have been.  So what?

Yes, they are booked on some kind of two-for-one tour next year.  As Hillary famously has said, they have to make money.  It’s what celebrities do.  It’s not what politicians running for higher office do.  My advice?  Either get over it, or buy a ticket and go see the show.

None of that says that they are now inhaling.  There is no way they see a path for another run at the White House.  These are professional politicians.  They talk to donors.  They take polls.  They know people.  They read the news.  They know the long list of contenders and pretenders for the Demo-nomination doesn’t mean “me too” for Hillary.

Zombies aren’t real.

Hillary is not running for president.  She knows better, and so does Bill.


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