Mississippi’s Politicians and Powerful are the Real Welfare Queens

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Greenville, Mississippi   In the ongoing conservative war against the poor, welfare or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) spending was converted to a block grant program, allowing states, purportedly, to design their own best practices and programs.  In many ideologically based, conservative dominated southern and up-north states, block grants allowed them to reduce or curtail …

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May Day for Workers and the Vast Army of the Unemployed

ACORN ACORN International Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Labor Organizing

Pearl River     May Day traditionally has been marked around the world with workers marching under the banners of their unions and labor-friendly political parties.  In the USA, Labor Day marks the end of the summer, rather than the advent of spring, which has been celebrated since pagan times and has now been converted into a …

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