Doing a Job Well Starts with Great Training

ACORN International England Organizing School Wade's World Wales Women

            Manchester     One of the best sessions at the recent meeting of ACORN International organizers and leaders was a plenary on the multinational efforts underway to create the ACORN Organizing School.  The moderators were Eloise Maulet, with ReAct Transnational and the Alliance Citoyenne / ACORN France, David Thompson, ACORN International’s …

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International Organizers Meet

ACORN International Affiliates Australia Cameroon Canada England France India Ireland Kenya Liberia Scotland Uganda United States Wales

            Shepley, Yorkshire      Fifty organizers from France, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States came together in Yorkshire, England for our annual ACORN International organizers’ meeting for this year.  Another bunch from Kenya, Australia, Liberia, Uganda, India, and Cameroon joined at different times via Zoom, along with other leaders and organizers from France, …

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Back to Normal in an Abnormal World?

ACORN International COVID-19 England Personal Writings Travel

            Leeds      Maybe the pandemic really is over officially, at least if travel is any indication.  I was suspicious before leaving New Orleans for England, when I was able to actually print my boarding passes, including for the Newark to London leg.  How could this be possible?  Yes, there was no vax check going …

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