No Mas Masks

COVID-19 Ideas and Issues

  May 5, 2022             Washington     In the hassle that air travel has become over the last several years, I was out of the house by 4am for a 6am flight, regardless of having already printed my boarding pass, having no luggage to check, and getting to go through a fast line.  You have to …

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Mandates May Save Nursing Homes, Good Luck for the Rest of Us

COVID-19 Health Care

Marble Falls      The U. S. Supreme Court majority let its ideology blind its duty to the community by voiding the public health vaccine mandate, but at least they found an excuse to require health care facilities to maintain a vaccinated workforce.  Any health care facility, obviously including nursing homes and hospitals, that receives any federal money will …

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Politicizing Unemployment

Community Organizing COVID-19 Economics Financial Justice

  Marble Falls     I stumbled on a surprising item in the Washington Post.  A handful of states have carved out exceptions for workers voluntarily leaving their jobs because they are refusing employer compliance with the vaccine mandate.  These deep red states want these anti-vax protestors to get unemployment.  I could hardly believe my eyes, but seeing is believing as they wrote that … …

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