When Florida’s DeSantis Coughs, Arkansas’s Sanders Sneezes

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            Little Rock       Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis in a Twitter technical meltdown has finally announced his bid for the Republican nomination for president.  The kowtowing Republican supermajority in the Florida legislature has gone out of their way to pass wild and wooly legislation to establish his ultra-conservative bonafides.  Less well known nationally has been the …

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Covid, Down, but not Out


            Little Rock       It’s official.  Covid is done.  The pandemic is over.  We know this in several ways.  The President and the various agencies have so declared.  Rule 42 which closed our southern border to immigrants because of the pandemic has been lifted, and interestingly some Republican attorneys general are trying to sue to keep …

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COVID-19 Environment FEMA Race

New Orleans      When you first encounter the term “weathering,” you would be forgiven if your first thought was that we were talking about climate change, yet again.  In a certain way, maybe we are, because we’re talking about a concept coined by a social scientist for the chronic stress individuals face in our social …

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