Consolidating the Fight Against Housing Displacement in Canada

ACORN ACORN International Canada Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsQuebec City    After a day of training and reports, the ACORN Canada organizing staff really got serious when the Year End / Year Begin meeting began no holds barred wrestling with campaigns.  The discussion was particularly intense around the dual crises of affordable housing, beyond the reach …

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Capacity in Organizing Counts – Props to Those Who Get It!

ACORN ACORN International Canada Community Organizing Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsLake Buckhorn, Ontario     In the annual HO/LO meeting of ACORN Canada several hours north of Toronto in the urban-centric area called “cottage country” near the defining geological formation known as the Canadian Shield, the head organizers and lead organizers throughout the Canadian organization were taking the measure …

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Bootstrapping Campaigns

Ideas and Issues

Frankfurt     The organizing workshop for more than a half-dozen activists from Frankfurt, Munster, and Bremen was all about the basics in the morning and early afternoon. What is ACORN, and what do we do?  How does the ACORN Model work and what are its elements?  What is the structure of a doorknocking rap or home visit, …

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