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More Greenwashing by the Rich

New Orleans     Cases continue to mount, marching forward on an almost daily basis, where we watch the rich attempt to greenwash their wealth and reputations for their private interests and tax benefits and distort the privileges that are claimed by philanthropy.

Ghislaine Maxwell, sometime consort and alleged pimp for Jeffrey Epstein and perhaps an heir to a controversial British publishing fiasco owned by her father until irregularities cropped up after his death, headed a US foundation briefly as she tried to distance herself publicly from Epstein after he did time in 2008 for soliciting underage women for prostitution. The foundation TerraMar, whose name signaled an interest in land and sea, claimed to want to advance the health of the ocean, given Maxwell’s love of yachts. IRS filings indicate that the foundation made no grants during its first five years from 2013 to 2017 according to its 990s, as reviewed by The New York Times. One of her friends was quoted as saying it seemed in one case to be “reputation management,” and another seemed to indicate that the foundation was perhaps more about conserving Maxwell’s reputation as it was conserving the ocean. Of course she may have also been taking a page from his book, since he was a big donor to various scientific efforts and Harvard for his own reputational whitewashing campaign forcing some big whoops to apologize for hanging with him.

Admittedly, these are sordid examples of perverse philanthropy perhaps, but I wonder how different than the usual, and for many of these self-proclaimed philanthropists, how much is ever in the public interest?

Make no mistake. The Internal Revenue Services provides its most favorable ruling of a 501c3 public charity providing a tax exemption for donations for organizations operating in the public, rather than private interest, involving public health, education, and community benefits.

All of this greenwashing of the rich and elite has gotten more attention thanks to the infamous Sackler family that pulled billions out of Purdue Pharma, the notorious manufacturer and hawker of opioids that have killed thousands. Various world-class museums including the Louvre in Paris and the Tate in London, have pulled back from the family or taken their names off the door, so to speak, though few have returned any of the millions they received. Now a fellow was pushed off the board of the Whitney Museum because he made his pile partially by manufacturing tear gas used on protestors around the world. The notorious rightwing, anti-democratic Koch family has their names on many of these cultural institutions for their contributions and does so with impunity, so this is all more window washing, rather than a deep clean.

Now the rich are whining because a boycott was announced of SoulCycle and some other investments by billionaire Steven Ross a primary investor there, real estate mogul, and owner of the Miami Dolphins, because he was hosting a $250,000 a ticket fundraiser for Donald Trump at his place in the Hamptons. Some of their board buddies defend him and others of the tribe loudly for their interest in education, art, opera or whatever, claiming that politics is getting muddled into philanthropy.

Wow, what a specious argument! As the Times’ “Wealth Matters” columnist was forced to admit, “Their resources and connections can influence the decisions of institutions managed for the public good….” Well, yeah! And, it’s not “can,” but DO influence the decisions. Why mince words. The public good is not their private interest or, heaven forbid, that of their elite friends who are also enamored of the opera, arts, or wherever they are claiming social capital and a tax exemption for greenwashing their personal reputation and cleaning up the damage they do to the public in minting their money. You could count on Ross to threaten his football players when Kaepernick was kneeling, and he did. You can count on the Koch’s to do everything they can to damage the climate, if it pads their pockets, and to destroy democracy at every opportunity.

As the superrich club bemoans the lack of gratitude from hoi polloi, whether it’s donor-directed funds or their tax-exempt think tanks or their general buddy-buddy greenwashing efforts with their fellow rich elites, there’s no question that whether it’s the Whitney or some small nonprofit, when are they going to admit that they are the piper playing the tunes, and they expect all these people to dance. It’s all transactional for them, so why not stop pretending it has anything to do with benefiting the public.

Let the protests continue!


The NRA is a Huge Swamp Creature


New Orleans   The National Rifle Association or NRA is rarely confused with anything that would seem soft and fuzzy given its hard edge, take-no-prisoners, win-at-all-costs attitude about anything that might even vaguely resemble gun control.  When President Trump speaks of cleaning up the Washington DC swamp of lobbying and influence peddling, he pretty much has his hands behind his back and his fingers crossed, but if he were serious, the NRA is proving that it is a huge swamp creature.

They are now being investigated on a number of fronts, most seriously by Leticia James, New York State’s attorney general and the former Public Advocate in New York City.  James believes that their incessant lobbying and political work might disqualify them from enjoying a tax exemption.  A former head of the IRS Tax Exemption Section was quoted in the New York Times saying that “The N.R.A. is willing to play fast and loose with tax regulations,” indicating that there is likely fire underneath all of this smoke.

So, what’s up?  Well, it’s not the usual pro-gun, anti-gun thing.  It’s something way more stinky, according to current reporting.

On one hand its internal conflict at the board level of the NRA, and they are giving information directly to the New York Times.  Yes, I know this sounds like fake news, but none of this is anonymous.

Partly it has to do with the NRA’s top brass going way overboard and linking hands with the screaming banshee part of the rightwing.  A weird television enterprise called, not surprisingly, NRATV, which has been involved in flat out hate-mongering via their wild-eyed spokeswoman, Dana Loesch.   She ran a children’s show with KKK hoods, and quoting the Times, she referred to

gun-control advocates as “tragedy-dry-humping whores” and vowing to combat the left with what she called the “clenched fist of truth” — a body part that the comedian John Oliver said was located “a little past the bent elbow of nonsense.” In one video, she warned The Times, “We’re coming for you”; in another, she threatened to burn a copy of the newspaper.

Guns or no guns, let’s agree, that’s some wild over the top stuff!  Even Wayne LaPierre, the NRA EVP and master of their aggressive strategy was supposedly “livid” and “embarrassed” by this stuff on their channel, and he is never embarrassed, even by mass shootings of children!

On the other hand, there seems to be a pile of self-dealing and personal enrichment within the NRA as well.  The Ackerman McQueen ad and PR firm that has been flacking for the NRA for decades and receiving millions and millions by the boatload has also given work to relatives and LaPierre’s wife through subcontractors.  Board members are unsettled by all of this as well, and

…have also expressed concern about the size of payments to the ad firm that produces NRATV, Ackerman McQueen. The firm and its affiliates pocketed $40 million from the N.R.A. in 2017; billings directly to Ackerman have increased nearly 50 percent since 2015.

There’s an old saying about bullies that if you slap back, that run screaming.  The bullies of the NRA may be about to take exactly that kind of whipping.