Hooks Institute for Social Change Looks at Memphis as a Tale of Two Nations: Rich & Poor

ACORN ACORN International Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Memphis       The Benjamin Hooks Institute for Social Change was established in 1996 by the University of Memphis and the late Benjamin Hooks, former president of the NAACP, originally from the city.  The Hooks Institute has a number of projects from documentaries to advancing the interests of young African-American men, but one of their programs …

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Launching the ACORN Home Savers Campaign in Memphis

ACORN Foreclosure Organizing

Memphis   After several days in Arkansas working with Vision Property Management owner-occupants from Jacksonville to West Memphis, the ACORN Home Savers Campaign was preparing to dive into Memphis. Of course, we wanted to follow up with Vision owner-occupants there, but we were also interested in some of the other large rent-to-own and contract purchase companies …

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What Went Wrong with Memphis and the Mid-America Mall Desert?

ACORN Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Ideas and Issues

Memphis   The ACORN Canada organizing staff held its Year End/Year Begin staff meeting in Memphis with a side trip to Little Rock this year.   Among the highlights of the meetings in Memphis were visits at the University of Memphis with ex-Texas and South Dakota ACORN organizer, Steve Soifer, now head of the Social Work Department …

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Great Progress in Saving Historic Foote Homes, the Last Memphis Housing Project

Community Organizing Organizing

Memphis   Looking back over the last year, the report and discussion of the progress made by community and university partners around the Vance Avenue Collaborative and the campaign to save Foote Homes, the historic 500-unit complex that stands in the words of Memphis housing czar Robert Lipscomb as the “last public housing project in the …

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