The Poor and Workers are Being Hammered

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsPearl River     As the economic numbers become more stark, and the economy teeters towards something closer to a depression than a recession, the impact on workers and the poor that has been hidden in plain sight for years is now almost impossible to ignore.  Researchers, pundits, reporters, …

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Coronavirus Gutting Platform Capitalism and Promoting A Real Safety Net

Ideas and Issues Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans        As the virus and its impact spreads, it is creating a new world of unexpected consequences and reckonings for outdated assumptions. Here’s one that might be uncomfortable news for the White House:  we do live in one world, and walls will not protect us. …

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The Poor Need Cash

ACORN ACORN International

New Orleans       Other countries are increasingly getting the message:  the poor need cash.  It’s not enough in the lowest income categories to stake a claim on education, training, or jobs, especially low paying jobs inadequate to support families. Africa’s Tanzania’s welfare scheme is called the Productive Social Safety Net and provides at about $13 …

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