SEC Makes Shareholder “Democracy” Just for the Big Boys

Ideas and Issues Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts Little Rock      Corporate chieftains’ claims that there is even such a thing as shareholder democracy has always been akin to an edict pronounced at a North Korean military parade to the assembled masses.  The notion that the little shareholder has a voice in corporate governance is …

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For Banks the Party Never Stopped

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Foreclosure Ideas and Issues

Houston        Seven years after the wheels started coming off the bank’s mad money train, it seems clear that settlements for mortgage abuse, which is euphemism for fraud, Dodd-Frank legislation, and what should have been the awesome weight of having collapsed the US and world economy and upended the lives of millions, have essentially been water …

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Ending the NLRB’s “Non-Admissions” Policy

Labor Organizing

Toronto   In long established practice when unions prove conclusively that companies have broken the National Labor Relations Act and unjustly discriminated against a worker for union activity through discipline or termination, and there is a settlement, the company signs a “non-admissions” statement, saying that they are not admitting guilt even though they are promising not …

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