Cash Flow is Huge for Low-and-Moderate Income Families

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans   In reckoning with the daily, survival and success struggles of low-and-moderate income families given the myriad of challenges they face, sometimes the experts stumble over the obvious in one of those, “Oh, yeah!” moments that we all have. Reading a recent copy of Shelterforce magazine, there was an article called “Is Financial Unsteadiness …

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“Picking Up ACORN’s Pieces:” The Voter Registration Deficiency

ACORN DC Politics Organizing Voting Rights

New Orleans    Rob “Biko” Baker, the executive director of the League of Young Voters, wrote an interesting story in the Summer 2012 issue of Shelterforce daring to state plainly what has been obvious to virtually everyone concerned and biting their fingernails as the USA Election Day looms before us.  His article, entitled “Picking up ACORN’s …

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