Getting Serious about the Policy of Taxing the Rich

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Washington      This whole thing about taxing the rich is getting serious.  There were more than 150 people in a wonk policy festival organized brilliantly by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Economic Policy Institute, two of the most respected research centers in Washington.  Talking about taxes in general is mind-numbing, head spinning, headache producing …

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Rich Gone Wild!

Ideas and Issues

Asuncion, Paraguay   Be still my heart!  It is probably a distant dream, but is it just possible that that the philanthropic tax dodges of massive tax evasion and, even more abhorrent, the impunity of the rich and their patronizing rationale that they know better and are “solving our problems” is finally being called to account?  …

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The Inequality Dividend: The Rich Against the World

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice National Politics

Little Rock   Among the unforeseen consequences of the perversion of tax rates and the massive shifting of wealth to the one-tenth of one percent, is that now rather than the superrich just building hospitals, buying sports teams, getting university lecture halls named after them, and supporting the local symphony and arts museum, which most of …

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