Ontario Bill a Big Step Forward for Remittance Justice Campaign

ACORN International Canada Remittances

New Orleans     After a year of stirring the pot in one country after another about the crime of predatory price gouging of migrant and immigrant workers through ACORN International’s Remittance Justice Campaign and our multiple reports exposing these abuses, ACORN Canada has led the way to the next step having secured a sponsor for legislation …

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Demanding Remittances be Regulated by Governments

ACORN International Financial Justice International

New Orleans In December ACORN International released its study and survey of remittances entitled Past Time for Remittance Justice (www.remittancejustice.org) . The bottom line is that we demanded that banks and money transfer organizations (MTOs, i.e. Western Union and MoneyGram) reduce all charges and fees for transferring money from migrant workers and immigrant families back to …

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