Predatory Rent-to-Own Scams Hark Back to Discriminatory Schemes

New Orleans               In the early days of ACORN in Little Rock in lower income, largely African-American neighborhoods before the 1978 Community Reinvestment Act was passed forbidding racial discrimination in bank lending and outlawing redlining, the stories of families trying to rent-to-own their homes were legion.  I read many of these documents carefully and knew families [...]

Hospitals Gone Wild

New Orleans         There’s one thing that Paul Kiel, reporter for, Steven Brill, author of the new book, America’s Bitter Pill:  Money, Politics and Backroom Deals and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System, Senator Charles Grassley, Republican from Iowa, and I can all agree on about healthcare, and that’s the simple fact that [...]

Facebook Rules the World According to Facebook

New Orleans    There’s nothing so juicy in the world of the billionaires, high flyers, and masters of the universe for the rest of us peons and hoi polloi as when they overstep the boundaries of even standard arrogance.  Not long ago Comcast and its chief lobbyist and bully boy, David Cohen, did so in a [...]

Global Inequality is Increasing Dangerously

New Orleans        Rev. Martin Luther King’s last campaign was about poor people and human rights, taking another step down the road from civil rights.  It’s no surprise that Oxfam International, even though based in the United Kingdom, chose the day set aside to celebrate King’s legacy as the day to release a report on the [...]

Attacks on Fair Housing and Affordable Housing Demands

New Orleans    Talking on “Wade’s World” on KABF with George Washington University sociology professor and frequent author, Gregory Squires, about his recent piece in Social Policy on the impact of the Occupy movement, he underlined his concern that the “disparate impact” theory is under review in the term of the US Supreme Court and the [...]

Is President Obama Finally Joining the Battle Against Telecoms?

Little Rock       I’m crossing my fingers that now that President Obama doesn’t have to raise money for another campaign, he’s finally getting the fact that his buddies at Comcast and the rest of the telecoms have been playing him and almost every other governmental body and politician in the country for patsies while they shakedown [...]