NLRB Looking at Free Rider Pay-to-Play Dues Obligation

New Orleans     The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) took a step that might be small, but at least seems in the right direction.  They have solicited legal briefs, and no doubt there will be many from both the union and management side of the bar, on the question of dues or fee obligations for nonmembers […]

Narrow Networks Prove Price, not Choice, Rules Healthcare Decisions

New Orleans          It’s becoming increasingly obvious that deep down without being willing to admit it, Americans are voting with their feet on the issue of health care and the tally is showing that their real preference would probably be the British National Health Service.  Now, there’s no likelihood of that happening of course but narrow […]

Public Subsidies of Low Wages

New Orleans      The Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California has released a report looking at many federal and state subsidies directed at relief for lower income Americans.  All good.  What they found though is that a huge percentage of this kind of support is not in Republican ideological terms, […]

Signs at the Borderland of Gentrification

New house infill construction in Frey Parking Lots

New Orleans    In New Orleans in the Bywater-Marigny neighborhoods where I live and work were in the throes of a long drawn out, desultory stretch for decades since the 1980s.  We were going to be “hot” one day, but who knew when.   Into the latter years of the […]

Affordable Care Act Gap Hits Black and Hispanic Adults the Hardest

New Orleans    I’m not going to say that we’re not making progress because enrollment under the Affordable Care Act continues to increase despite opposition.  On the other hand there is no way not to be disappointed and outraged about the millions of uninsured adults that are caught in the gap between politicians and good […]

Gentrification Outstripping Community Development

Protest in Chinatown over Gentrification

 New Orleans      Josh Ishimatsu wrote an interesting piece for theRooflines blog managed by Shelterforce magazine that asks troubling questions about whether rapid development in the form of gentrification has outstripped community development efforts.  He might have even gone farther and asked whether community development corporations have too often been […]