Privatizing State Universities? Start with the Football Team!

New Orleans       Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s quixotic quest for the Republican nomination for President has pretty much disappeared in the throes of his budget and taxes regime over two terms that has virtually bankrupted the state in general and almost decimated the public higher education facilities in Louisiana.  He is not alone, since the [...]

Arkansas at the Bottom of the Barrel for Tenants

New Orleans        Reading the press release from the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership, there was no doubt that a significant victory for tenants had finally been won.  Arkansas had long been the only state that still criminalized evictions for tenants.In other words you could be evicted by the landlord filing criminal charges on you for not [...]

Nonprofit Hospitals Are Going to Have to Prove They are Not Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Little Rock     For many top executives and CEO’s it easy to imagine that running a big urban nonprofit hospital has been a sweet gig.  Looking at some of the 990’s that all nonprofits submit to the IRS annually, salaries in the millions are not unusual at some of these big hospitals and many make millions [...]

Duplicate Dues Enrollment Should be Standard Operating Procedure

UAW Billboard 1930s Detroit

Little Rock   Reading about the second battle of Wisconsin between labor and Governor Scott Walker and his Republican colleagues, who four years ago stripped public workers’ unions in that state of the ability to collect agency fees or “fair share” payments in lieu of dues for representation, it seems they are [...]

Coordinated Attack on Public Workers and Unions in Texas and Oklahoma

Houston           The headlines on the attack on workers and their unions has recently been written in the Midwest.  An attempt to follow-up in Wisconsin on the stripping of union protections for public workers now finds the legislature there pile driving a so-called right-to-work bill that would strip unions of vital resources for representation requirements and [...]

Will the IRS Finally Stop Independent Subcontractor Scams?

Houston           One of the largest and best known ways that workers are ripped off is known euphemistically as “classification,” meaning whether a worker is classified as an employee or an independent subcontractor.  The Department of Labor has largely failed to police this area effectively which has led to an accelerating rate of casual or contingent [...]