Medical Debt, Organizing Reunions, and Restorations

Pittsburgh    The Pittsburgh ACORN Family Reunion Picnic organized by ANEW Institute in Homestead was battling bad weather forecasts and real raindrops that moved the affair from the park to the porch of the Baker House on 11th.  The score of folks who came by couldn’t have cared less, because they got to see the progress on the renovation […]

Hillary Rodham on Saul Alinsky, Community Organizing, and Change

Montreal     I knew that Hillary Clinton, when still Hillary Rodham, had written her senior thesis at Wellesley College on Saul Alinsky and his work, and I had even talked to her about it briefly over lunch once in Little Rock in the early 1970’s, but I had never actually read it until the link was […]

States Need to Make For-profit Hospitals Accountable for Strapped Families

New Orleans    We have been beating the drum regularly here, there, and everywhere around the country about the organizing and campaign “handles” that could allow aggressive and vigilant community and labor based organizations to demand and require more accountability for tax-exempt nonprofit hospitals.  We have trumpeted Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa’s late stage amendment to […]

The Interesting Phenomena of Filtered and Shared Experience Creating Community

New Orleans   There are some things about the rise of smartphones and their ubiquitous cameras fueling social networking that seems distorting.  To see a crowd shot of a demonstration by workers at the Los Angeles City Council or a stem winder of a political speech at a rally and have your eyes see scores of […]

News from the Separate Planet of Texas

Dallas       Moving around Texas from place to place between Beaumont, Houston, and Dallas and beyond is a reminder that, like India, Texas is a separate planet in the global universe as well, and on this trip, I’ve compiled more and more evidence of this strange set of phenomena.

Take for example the big humbug in Washington […]

Make No Mistake, India’s Modi is Not a Progressive on Any Score

Vinod Shetty of ACORN Foundation of India and the Dharavi Project

New Orleans    In one of those rare and marvelous coincidences, I had foregone my annual trip to Mumbai, because Vinod Shetty of ACORN Foundation of India and the Dharavi Project was amazingly going to be in New Orleans when I returned, giving us days […]