Doorknocking is Scaring People Around the World

Dallas          I was teamed up with Maude Hurd, an ACORN leader from Boston and teaching my 4-year old daughter to door knock in 1988 at a stop along the route in Mitchellville, Arkansas during ACORN’s Caravan for Justice to increase voter participation when Rev. Jesse Jackson was running for President. We made up a little [...]

The Terrible Challenge of Building Resources for Change on a Global Scale

New Orleans      Some time ago there was an op-ed in the Times that caught my eye, even though it was coming at me from a weird and somewhat disturbing angle. Juan Zarate and Thomas Sanderson had written a piece on the challenge that national security interests face in dealing with terrorist and other radical change [...]

Population is Moving to Bigger, Poorer, and Warmer Cities

Delhi, from The Hindu

Kiln     United Nations population estimates for the next five to fifteen years make it clear that in this period of rapid urbanization and increasing inequality by 2030 we will see huge population centers dominated by larger cities with poorer populations in warmer settings.   By 2030 more than one-third of the population [...]

UAW Back in Force at VW in Chattanooga – Told You So!

Kiln     Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times is pretty much the dean of what is left of the labor press in the United States.  He expresses surprise at the news that the UAW is establishing a local union in the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant where they narrowly lost an election earlier in the year.  It’s [...]

Stopping Speech or Spam in Canada?

Kiln     Everywhere we look the internet is under assault in one way or another.  Countries are banding together to regionalize the internet so that it is less worldwide and more immune from the NSA by creating a Euro-web or other nationalized webs in Iran, Russia, Turkey, and wherever.  Cable monopolies are handling the FCC like [...]

Harris v. Quinn Part 3: The Problem of Creating Employers for Informal Workers

vendors union meeting in Bangalore

New Orleans     Looking at the history of home-based work both in healthcare and daycare and its roots in domestic work going back to USA colonial times and branching directly out from plantation life at the end of slavery, it really goes without saying that the Court’s decision and creation of [...]