The Tough Process of Organizational Change

view of the alps from the office in Grenoble

Grenoble     Over the last week from Birmingham to Edinburgh to London and now in Grenoble,  it’s amazing how often conversations and questions focus as much on organizational change as organizing programs and prospects. Talking to Martin Smith, the organizing director for the GMB in London, he [...]

The Search for Community and the Hope for Organization in Southern Italy

the class today

Taranto       My second day as a “professor” at La Scuola di Bollenti Spirit, the School of Hot Spirits, we were set to dive into how to look at campaigns.  Roberto Covolo, the school’s director started with an exposition of some of the differences in the Italian understanding of “state” responsibility and reflections [...]

My First Day as a Professor at the Scuola de Bollenti Spiriti – the School of Hot Spirits!

class at Bollenti Spiriti

Taranto   The Scuola de Bollenti Spiriti, which is translated as the School of Hot Spirits, is an unusual name which may strike you as different, but in this case that’s a good thing because it is different and in quite a good way.  The school took applications from all over the state of [...]

John Beam, Veteran of ACORN’s Heroic Era

Entergy White Bluff Plant

New Orleans     More than 15 years ago during the HOTROC organizing campaign for hotel workers in New Orleans, I worked with an organizer named David Keiffer. Dave had been around a number of organizations before partnering with me and flying an AFL-CIO banner at the time with stints going back to [...]

The Campus is Confused

New Paltz     The State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz asked me to speak with them about organizing, and so away I went. The topic hashed out over emails was a bit clunky, “Is Grassroots Organizing Dead or Just Dying – There Won’t be a Facebook Revolution,” but I was game. My charge [...]