The Double Edge of Variable Worker Exclusions under Obamacare

New Orleans      Part of the problem in understanding the real, core issues with the Affordable Care Act and the way in which employers, especially those specializing in lower waged workforces, are jacking with the system is separating the ideological polemics from the facts in order to see whose ox is really being gored.  For example, take [...]

Independent Unions, Trades, Parties, College Athletes, and the State

Mumbai   All of the large national union federations in India argue that they are independent, autonomous labor federations, but all of them are individually aligned to major political parties and formations whether on the right, left, or middle.  No finger pointing is involved, because the same thing is true in the US, Canada, Mexico, [...]

Movements Take Infrastructure, Not Simply Communication

Delhi   Maybe someone out there is hearing our tired, old, boring message:  organizing takes hard work!  Yes, I’ve said it now, but it was never a secret despite the flutter of excitement about the mirage of so-called Twitter and Facebook “revolutions.

            In two very interesting pieces, one “After the Protests” by Zeynep Tufekci in [...]

Privatization Everywhere in UK, and Monopoly Rising in USA

London   When privatization of public services is ubiquitous, it’s actually kind of scary, as I just witnessed in England and Scotland. 

            Catching a train from Edinburgh to London, I did a double take when I saw a pink Virgin train rolling down track 3 towards me as I waited to jump from Haymarket [...]

Multiple Occupancy Tenants Moving in Edinburgh

Key organizers for ACORN, Jon Black on computer and Keir Lawson speaking

Edinburgh  I could feel the excitement in the conversations at the steering committee of the Edinburgh Private Tenant Action Group, an affiliate of ACORN International, as they started mapping out a plan to broadly organize the multiple occupancy tenants across the city.  With [...]

Training Government Community Organizers in England

London  For a fascinating 8 hours 35 community organizers working throughout England in various communities in London, Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds, and elsewhere along with a sprinkling of organizing and trade union activists and organizers put their shoulders to the wheel in a meeting room of the London University Union to learn about the ACORN organizing [...]