Congress Declares Truce with ACORN – Finally We Hope!

Missoula    There may be signs of a thaw in the blood war that Republicans in Congress have been waging against ACORN’s corpse in the United States. According to the best count by the Huffington Post there were thirteen times that ACORN was banned from receiving any support from the government after leadership and management [...]

Rethinking Training for Teachers, Doctors, and Even Organizers

New Orleans       The old saw that went something like, “those that can, do; and those that can’t, teach,” is getting a beating about the face and arms now, as serious thinkers – and practitioners – in multiple fields are thoroughly beating down both the “nature versus nurture” mythology of the argument, as well as heavily [...]

Environmental Racism, Yes, Environmental Diversity, Still No, 25 Years Later

Montgomery       Almost 25 years ago in 1990 in an effort led by Richard Moore, co-director of the Southwest Organizing Project based in Albuquerque, a letter on their stationery signed by a number of community leaders was addressed to the head of the National Wildlife Federation and the big ten environmental organizations and demanded that [...]

Could Chat-Apps Increase Maximum Eligible Participation for Low-and-Moderate Income Families?

New Orleans          What in the world is “chatvertising,” and why would any of us care? Good point! And, my thoughts exactly, which is why I had overlooked the original piece in the Journal about the growing effectiveness, and even popularity, of chat-bots or in real English, computers that are trained to talk back to you [...]

Is History Important in Organizing and Social Change?

New Orleans        An axiom of organizing in whatever form or fashion it occurs has always been that what matters is what you do tomorrow, not yesterday.  This is particularly true for membership organizations where any accomplishment exponentially increases the expectation that the organization needs to produce even more today and tomorrow to meet the rising demands of its members.   Given the [...]

Doorknocking is Scaring People Around the World

Dallas          I was teamed up with Maude Hurd, an ACORN leader from Boston and teaching my 4-year old daughter to door knock in 1988 at a stop along the route in Mitchellville, Arkansas during ACORN’s Caravan for Justice to increase voter participation when Rev. Jesse Jackson was running for President. We made up a little [...]