Field Operations are Still Key in the Land of Big Data

New Orleans     Sitting around a barbeque grill in Missoula, Montana recently,  I found myself in a mini-debate with a former political science professor at the University there who taught Jim Messina, a former Obama campaign manager and master political consultant. My friend’s position echoed Messina’s own post-election spin about bad political polling, arguing that “Cameron […]

Fifteen Dollars for Fast Food Workers – More to Come?

Fast-food workers and supporters gathered on Wednesday in Manhattan to watch a live video of the wage board’s decision. The governor hailed it as an example of New York’s progressiveness. Credit Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

New Orleans   Fast food workers in New York State got some great news after a three year campaign. […]

Pope Francis is a Cheerleader for Organizing!

Rock Creek, Montana    Hey, are you having a bad day? Not sure things can ever be any different? Not sure it’s worth the effort to get out there and hit the doors, talk to your neighbors or co-workers, and do what has to be done?

Here’s some good news: you have a friend! Pope Francis, that’s […]

Medical Debt, Organizing Reunions, and Restorations

Pittsburgh    The Pittsburgh ACORN Family Reunion Picnic organized by ANEW Institute in Homestead was battling bad weather forecasts and real raindrops that moved the affair from the park to the porch of the Baker House on 11th.  The score of folks who came by couldn’t have cared less, because they got to see the progress on the renovation […]

Hillary Rodham on Saul Alinsky, Community Organizing, and Change

Montreal     I knew that Hillary Clinton, when still Hillary Rodham, had written her senior thesis at Wellesley College on Saul Alinsky and his work, and I had even talked to her about it briefly over lunch once in Little Rock in the early 1970’s, but I had never actually read it until the link was […]

States Need to Make For-profit Hospitals Accountable for Strapped Families

New Orleans    We have been beating the drum regularly here, there, and everywhere around the country about the organizing and campaign “handles” that could allow aggressive and vigilant community and labor based organizations to demand and require more accountability for tax-exempt nonprofit hospitals.  We have trumpeted Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa’s late stage amendment to […]