Rulemaking that Matters on Deportations and Union Elections

Lafayette   Often the devil is in fact in the details, and two important efforts at pushing hard on the details within the vast bureaucracy of governmental affairs matter hugely for people, making these initiatives worth following closely, and piling on to support them for reasons both large and small.

            In one situation from the [...]

More Battles in the Walmart Wars: Florida, Strikes, and Delhi

New Orleans    The war room in Bentonville must be on 24 hour Def-con 4 alert these days, given the steady back and forth of advances, feints, and setbacks due to its “profits first, workers last” mantra that is a foundation of its standard operating procedures.

            The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) after waiting for [...]

Trouble Coming for Labor on Issues before the Supreme Court

 New Orleans  These days news that the Supreme Court has decided to review decisions that involve labor unions is always cause for concern, but these cases are especially worrisome because they go to the heart of some of the few organizing successes that the labor movement has been able to construct over the last several [...]

Ending the NLRB’s “Non-Admissions” Policy

Toronto   In long established practice when unions prove conclusively that companies have broken the National Labor Relations Act and unjustly discriminated against a worker for union activity through discipline or termination, and there is a settlement, the company signs a “non-admissions” statement, saying that they are not admitting guilt even though they are promising not [...]

Walmart Shots across the Bow at Union

New Orleans   In the past we’ve tried to suggest that Walmart’s reaction to UFCW’s current organizational efforts are serious and in some cases shrewd, particularly when they pressured their subcontractors at their distribution centers to reinstate workers to avoid obvious unfair labor practice charges in recent months.  Coming on the heels of huge publicity for their [...]

The Rarity of Labor Union Strikes in Today’s Economy and Labor Market and Lost Hope at NLRB

New Orleans   In Social Policy magazine we’ve published in the current issue a solid description of the ups and downs of a group of nursing home workers in Connecticut.    The piece focused on the lessons learned in the course of a strike that the workers and the union felt was successful.  We also published in [...]