Adios, Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart

New Orleans   Andrew Breitbart’s career speaks loudly to the ongoing American phenomena of the winking carnie barker, P. T. Barnum huckster who always had something to sell and could find the suckers that would buy it.  Breitbart’s passionate mission to destroy “progressive institutions” was clearly stated and there were plenty of rubes in […]

Bringing Down Occupy NOLA

New Orleans               Front page headlines in the Times-Picayune had trumpeted the curious court battle around the removal of Occupy NOLA from Duncan Plaza across from City Hall to parts unknown.  Mayor Mitch Landrieu had summarily pulled up the encampment only to have his hands slapped by a federal court judge ruling it was illegal and […]

Military Schools Trump Charters in a Vote for Equity and Anti-Racism

New Orleans               News flash from the military of all places!

If you create a level of equity and seek to eliminate racism in the classroom, results will shine, and you will out public schools.  If you try to teach and actually educate children, rather than “teaching to the test,” their reading and other scores on those […]

Taking Back the Capitol

 New Orleans               There are few organizations anywhere that are better at pure and simple communications than and the Service Employees International Union, but they just about met their match in trying to turn up the heat with a demonstration culminating SEIU’s Fight for a Fair Economy campaign in DC.  To the media this was […]

Encampments Down, but Occupy Up: Occupy Marines

New Orleans               The news is full of Occupy confusion.  They are homesick for the encampments.  Many of the big ones are going down.  Los Angeles was evacuated with 1400 police from the LAPD and 300 arrests last night.  Philly is down.  There are a surprising number still up in places like New Orleans, Little Rock, […]

“They’re Children:” Police Building Occupy Movement Again

New Orleans        Certainly it is presumptuous to compare the Civil Rights Movement with the Occupy Movement, but it takes a while to think of another movement in the USA which has gotten more of a boost from police oppression.  Occupy seems to find Bull Conners-wannabes everywhere, whether in New York City or now on […]