Karl Rove Points the Way to the White House for Democrats

New Orleans               You don’t expect Karl Rove to be the voice of reason for Republicans, given his role as the master political operative between the two Bush presidencies, but these days you have embrace whatever help you can find.  In this case,  Rove was writing a “sober up” memo to the Republican faithful and trying […]

Hope in an Unlikely Place: Obama’s White House

New Orleans   These days it’s simply the better course of both valor and discretion to face a new year with trepidation, especially when it comes to the national political horizon. We’re facing some bad business and constant attacks to the progressive forces with the Republicans in ascendancy both in Congress and the majority of the […]

Preparing for the Implementation of Obama’s Immigration Order

Angelica Salas

Little Rock       When CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, got ready to implement the Affordable Care Act in route to signing up 10 million people for health insurance more than $100 million was allocated by the federal government for navigators and another amount as large for community clinics and a like amount […]

Obama Immigration Action is a Band-Aid, Not a Cure

(Photo: Drew Angerer Getty Images)

New Orleans   Make no mistake, President Obama’s immigration news is good news for everyone but rightwing ideologues. They are winning the air war perhaps for a hot minute by framing the action in a lie, and once again the administration is not doing well at explaining itself, but once the […]

Surprise! Comcast Doesn’t Own Obama

New Orleans    Well, another country heard from! President Obama seems to be shaking off the midterms by stepping up his game. He came out forcefully for “net neutrality.” That’s not really news, he’s always said that he was for net neutrality, but this time he finally came out foursquare for the internet being classified as […]

Politics are Local, but Impact is National

New Orleans    The old saw that “all politics are local,” has a lot of merit, but added up, the impact in national. That is alternately both a depressing and hopeful sign in the tea leaves still gathering from the midterm election.

The Republicans took the Senate. Impossible not to see the president as crippled in his […]