Minimum Wage Only Rising in Small Steps Despite $15 Per Hour Demand

New Orleans    It seems we may be involved in a protracted bit of high-low bargaining over minimum wages in the political and policy areas.   The President has pushed for an increase of the federal minimum from the current $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour.  The minimum wage has been frozen since the last year [...]

Beltway Groups Seem to Have Gotten “Nothing for Something” on Deportation Relief

New Orleans     A couple of times per week more than 40 years ago I would stop at a Walgreens in downtown Little Rock for a cup of coffee with Max Allison, a legendary political operator and campaign manager for powerhouse Congressman Wilbur Mills and other Arkansas big whoop politicos.  Enjoyably to me and several others, [...]

President Defaults on Net Neutrality, Companies Bully the Public

New Orleans   The battleground is clear, so let’s hope that the contending forces are ready for a slugfest rather than a fake pillow fight.  The FCC in a 3-2 vote put the chairman’s two-tracked proposal for a faster “pay for streaming” lane up for formal discussion and comment before a final vote in several months.  [...]

Confusing Signals on Deportations, Deals or Desperation for Immigration Reformers

New Orleans    For those of us still hoping for immigration reform what are we to make of a surprising, confusing press release issued by some of the big, establishment names in the broad coalition, including the National Immigration Forum, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Sojourners, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and [...]

Making Earned Income Credits a Better Incentive for Work and Fair to the Childless

Peterborough    In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Princeton economist, author, and former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Blinder made a brilliant case for Congress to actually read Obama’s proposal and do more to make the Earned Income Tax Credit really increase citizen wealth and even, are you listening my [...]

Defining Overtime and Discretionary or Supervisory Workers

Toronto   President Obama and his administration have announced an “always-on-the-shelf,” but long overdue move to revise the rules on definition and pay limits defining supervisory and discretionary workers and their eligibility for overtime.  In a sobering commentary noting the slow, grinding wheels of government, some have noted that a rule making procedure along these lines [...]