Handing Walmart a Big Whooping Defeat in India

Yangon   Walmart with tail tucked firmly between their legs announced that they are unraveling their partnership with India’s giant Bharti conglomerate, acknowledging finally that this marriage of convenience while trying to enter the burgeoning India retail market and sneak around foreign direct investment requirements was finally coming to an end.  The India FDI Watch [...]

Indian States are Putting More Roadblocks in front of Walmart Expansion

New Orleans   Two reports yesterday from Dharmendra Kumar, director of the India FDI Watch Campaign affiliated with ACORN International, point out how far the superstore giants like Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, and Metro really are from being able to freely enter markets throughout India.  This is largely a story that the global business press is missing [...]

Walmart, the Environmental Criminal, Too

San Pedro Sula  Walmart was very good some years ago at trying to split progressive ranks by pretending to care deeply about its environmental footprint even as it rough handled its workforce by underpaying women, busted unions, and settled millions of dollars for practicing wage theft.  They were going to listen supposedly.   They were going [...]

Tesco, Once the Walmart Killer, Limps out of USA


Little Rock  It was only a bit more than 6 years ago when grocery unions feared that Tesco, the giant United Kingdom grocery conglomerate, might have found the secret sauce in both beating unions and Walmart although with labor’s West Coast containment strategies as they entered Los Angeles with what seemed a nearly unbeatable small [...]

Unspeakable Crimes: Delhi, Dakar, and Newtown

protests in New Delhi

Dauphine Island         In an editorial in the Times mourning the gruesome circumstances of the death of the 23-year old Delhi woman in a Singapore hospital where she had been taken for treatment, they called it an “unspeakable crime,” which seemed the perfect phrase for so much of what we are living [...]

Walmart: Black Friday, Open-Source Protests, Hot Shops, and Real Trouble in India

Walmart Protests in India

New Orleans  

“…every battle is won before it is fought.  And it is won by choosing the field of terrain on which the fight will be engaged.” Sun Tzu

Now that the UFCW national action day at Walmart has gone past its Black Friday expiration day, we can say pretty definitively, [...]