Politicizing and Dehumanizing Skills

Anti-Racism History Human Rights Ideas and Issues

  Marble Falls      Talking to NYU Professor Natasha Iskander on Wade’s World  and reading her new book, Does Skill Make Us Human?  Migrant Workers in 21st Century Qatar and Beyond, forces us to confront the fact that we don’t think enough about skills.  Employers, educators and politicians constantly promote more effort and programs to increase skills.  We all talk about …

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Searches and Real Estate Practices Advance Housing Segregation

ACORN International Anti-Racism Housing

New Orleans      In some countries, like the United Kingdom, a significant part of ACORN’s work involves going toe to toe with real estate companies and their agencies, that are called “letting” agencies across the pond, as in “to let” or to rent.  Like mortgage brokers in the home markets, these folks are often the behind-the-scenes facilitators and …

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