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Good Morning, Vietnam!

Ho Chi Minh City We were up and at it on a Sunday morning as we shifted around the agenda to get a feel for the city and the country by taking a bus 60 kilometers away to see the Cu Chi Tunnels, a historic national site in Vietnam.  The tunnels were legendary.  Built originally in 1948 as protection and operations in what they call the French War until 1954 and independence and partitioning into North and South Vietnam, the American War revived the tunnels as both defense and guerrilla offense on Saigon until the Paris peace from 1966 to 1975.  Too much history here!

The bus guide had prepared the way in an idiosyncratic recitation of details.  The country was horribly poor with per capita income $1200 USD per year and more like $360 USD per year in rural areas.  There was huge migration into the cities with more than 8 million now in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi even larger.  After 3 million killed in the war (1 million soldiers, 2 million civilians he claimed) population had surged in the last 35 years from a little more than 30 million to now over 81 million people.

P1010009He complained that there were growing inequities between rich and poor, and when I asked him how you got rich here the answers were interesting.  First, remittances from family abroad, especially in the USA.  No doubt this was a bitter, divisive irony that families fleeing South Vietnam for their support of the Americans, were now fueling relative riches back home from dollars made in the USA and elsewhere.  Second, was whether you owned land, because land had value for housing, crops and asset wealth. Continue reading