Voter Registration Periods are Over, Now’s the Time for GOTV

Ideas and Issues

New Orleans       Georgia is scaring the Republicans.  Barriers to voter registration dropped over the last two years as the result of lawsuits and legislative action that made registration and renewal more accessible through automatic procedures that allow a voter to opt out of registering, but otherwise enfranchise them.  The results have been significant. Reporting …

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Excitement Stirring Over a Mass-Based Party’s Potential

ACORN ACORN International Labor Organizing Organizing

Edinburgh      Unison is the 2nd largest union in the United Kingdom with a giant membership throughout the country in a wide variety of workplaces.  The screening of The Organizer and a chance to meet members of ACORN’s affiliate, Living Rent, and ACORN Scotland, brought people together in one of Unison’s meeting rooms in the top …

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Proving Registration and GOTV Work for Lower Income Voters Once Again

ACORN ACORN International Canada Organizing

Vancouver       It’s that time of the cycle.  Reporters are riding from paper to television shouting the warnings:  the elections are coming! the elections are coming! the elections are coming!  Time to hide the small children it seems.  And, of course do everything possible to suppress the participation of lower income voters.             At the ACORN Canada board meeting, head organizer Judy …

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