ACORN International Launches Remittance Justice Campaign

ACORN International Community Organizing International

Phoenix In Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton ACORN International and ACORN Canada joined today to dramatically step up the international campaign to achieve improved access and fair pricing for remittances from immigrant families and their relatives in their home countries. Today in Toronto Kay Bisnah, President of ACORN International, also unveiled an extensive report underpinning …

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Following Up On The Back Files

Financial Justice Foreclosure Ideas and Issues Rebuild New Orleans

New Orleans Sometimes it’s worth returning to our old themes and seeing what has happened to issues we have raised consistently in the past.  We did so yesterday with Sheriff Arpaio who should serve as a rally cry for all who seek justice.  There are some other issues worth remembering briefly: ◦     Remember Tim DeChristopher …

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Credit Card Rips

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans There is a lot of talk about reforming credit card fees and rates, but a lot of this seems just that:  talk.  The House Financial Services Committee chaired by Barney Frank has talked about capping rates, but also seems powerless in the wake of many companies (including my own Union Privilege Card offered …

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